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First and foremost, I wanna express my love to my man,(don't worry I won't say ya name, I know u hate this web page shi*!!)I love you today, tomorrow and yesterday...This is 4 life
**Madd love to my partna in crime~Tracy aka Ms.TLC~we have so much more chaos to cause;make sure ya ass brings ya ID!!!**I most definitely can't forget my too grown fo' they ass lil'cousins~Me'linda (Rican Queen)and LaShae(Lady Scorp)~yall are wild---girls after my own heart.Don't let them lil' BOYS walk all over ya, that's why God made Stilettos!!!You can always call on me...HOLLA**To my peoples at CCHS(cell block 4 lol)yall know who yall are-u taught me to eitha be crazy,or go crazy...oh yeah,don't forget my cereal!!!*To bighead~we will always be cool--no matter what.Enuff said.**Aww damn,I almost forget my niggs~J-chef and Dev~where I be without yall crazy asses?Our history goes way back, and I will neva forget,yall will always be like brothas to me...**I wanna say wassup and give a big hug to my silly-ass "future-bro-in-law" Damon~some say the grass is greener on tha otha side,well for you I hope that is true..u did tha right thang, OKAY?OH-TAY!oh yeah and don't forget this:"Why don't you mind ya damn business?","That's what I'm doing."LOL lub ya**I gotta take the time to say Hey to my fave aunt~Big Sista Sho-ya-right. U are like a sista to me, now leave dem thugs alone!!!lub ya too.*

And to any I may have forgotten,blame it on my mind and not my heart.


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