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Kirika's Amnesia

by Myd



I'm still wondering about Kirika-chan's amnesia, then I watch episode 26 again and I found something: after killing Roland Bouquet, Kirika-chan then aims at Odette Bouquet, and the poor target says :

"Love certainly can kill people, however, don't forget, hatred can never save people, NEVER!!" 

-- Odette Bouquet

After hearing it, li'l Kirika-chan cries! Then I've come to conclusion: after assassinating the Bouquets, Kirika refuses any mission assigned to her. Of course the Soldats couldn't remain silent about this, so they take Kirika-chan's memories. But they also can't let Kirika-chan live in the Manor, since it'll increase the chances of her recovering memories too early, so they send her to Japan (why Japan, I dunno).

While she was there, they kept sending trials, so that when she recovered her memories, it'll be too late for her to refuse becoming a Tree, since she has committed countless crimes. But then again this is just some guessing. Poor Kirika-chan.