He flies with wings borrowed
Though you'd never know
He's a graceful timeless wonder
He's been a warrior
A lover
He's an angel and a devil
Now free
He's hung in Orion for millenia
Now he flies searching
Waiting for his beloved
Death parting them once more
He died for her love
Does she not love him
Not forgive him
This isn't her choice
She can't help being who she is
She loves him
Always has always will
She waits in the flame
For him to set her free
Only he can heal the world
He must embrace the dark and walk into light
There they will meet again
There they will find each others love again
And do what was done before time
For thats how long they've been apart
For he's the great Shemyaza
She's just human until he died for her love
Now she is Ishtahar,great goddess

Andrea (shemyaza_20@yahoo.co.uk)