The Early Days Of Angels


Iím a great believer in coincidence, and the story behind how Storm and Andy Collins met and worked on their perspective Angel material is rife with interesting twists of fortunes, in which I played a humble part.

I had first heard about Andy Collins writing when a friend of mine leant me his now infamous classic ďThe Black AlchemistĒ. I was an instant fan of his psychic questing cum diary style of writing where every vision ended in the local alehouse. Added interest was also be found for me in that Andy was a local writer, whose small group, Earthquest, met monthly in easy walking distance. During this period of the early 90ís I had become heavily involved in ritual magic and the gothic music scene, so it was not long before I became a regular member of the Earthquest meetings and discovered that Andyís latest project was becoming darkly angelic in vision.

At almost the same time, I attended a science fiction convention called Novacon in Birmingham in 1992, where by sheer chance, Storm was the guest of honour. I had just started writing poetry at this point, and to find that you could be alternative and get published at the same time was, whilst in retrospect a naÔve revelation, a real eye-opener for me. As part of our convention package was a selection of Storm angel influence writing of moving quality entitled When The Angelís Came.

The subject haunted me, as did the power of Stormís work, which I had discovered for the first time. Back home, Andy was leading his Earthquest group through meditations on his ideas that angel myths represented a very real race of individuals. I realised that both Storm and Andy had a lot in common and swiftly photocopied my treasured When The Angelís Came booklet and sent it to Andy with a recommendation that he might be interested in contacting Storm through Inception to discuss their Angels together.

Never did I think that as a result Andy would go onto write a whole book on the subject and that Storm would weave the amazing Grigori trilogy.

The real magic in all this was the talent that was produced and refined in theses works. It has been a decade since I first discovered Storm writing and my captivation in her creations has still to disappear. I pray it never does.



By Jamie W Spracklen.