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HM the King of the Belgians, Baudouin I, enters one of the state rooms of the Palace of Laeken, outside Brussels, accompanied by his fiancée, Doņa Fabiola de Mora y Aragón for a session of compliments from more than 4000 guests. The King wears uniform of Lieutenant General, while Doņa Fabiola kept her simple and elegant style, in a short dress covered by a beautiful coat, with fur around the neck.

The King and Doņa Fabiola receive the compliments of the guests, which included members of Parliament, the Diplomatic Corps and representatives from cultural and economic organizations, as well as representatives of workers from various activities.

A woman curtseys to HM the King of the Belgians while other guests wait to be presented to the royal couple. The dress code for this reception was short dress with facultative hat for women and morning coat for men, although some, like the King, did wear uniform.

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