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About Me

A page all about me!

You must be pretty bored if you came here, cuz I'm not that interesting (lol). But anywayz, if you wanna know more about me, read on. . .

A little about me -

My name is Lindsay. I ride at Rochester Hills Stables (hi to Jenny, Rebecca and Maddy!) in Michigan (where I live, obviously). These are some things I love, some of which I'm practically obsessed with.
MUSIC: Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, MxPx, New Found Glory (everyone has toothpick on their table!), No Use for a Name, Slipknot's "Left Behind", A.F.I., Sum 41, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, that one Saliva song "Always", Saves the Day's "Certain Tragedy", Eminem, Pennywise, Bad Religion, "What it's Like" by Everlast, some of Rancid's songs, The Ataris, Sugarcult, Incubus ("The Warmth" is the best song), System of a Down, Mest, the list goes on...
CLOTHES AND STUFF: Paul Frank, Adidas, Hot Topic, anything from PacSun, Etnies, Dickies(hey syd, we're dickies girls! lol), Hurley, Volcom, Roxy, hoodies of any kind, All Stars (they're so cool, mark)
STUFF I DO WHEN I'M BORED(which is all the time): listen to music (and sing along; my voice kinda sucks though.), IM people, skateboard(even though I suck, it's still fun!), watch TV, eat all kinds of crap that's bad for you, read magazines and rip out all the good posters
THINGS I HATE:Britney Spears (she's so fake - she tries to sell her music with her image), Algebra (Mr. Skrzynski is so boring), pepsi, people who are really full of themselves, most vegatables, cheerleaders, people who have no sense of individuality (who wants to be like everyone else all the time anywayz?), CREAMED CORN! (haha mark and dev), Michigan State, mornings at the bus stop when it's snowin and we're freezing, people who try to be something they're not (posers! lol grant), those gay keyboarding games that i can't win, and most pop music

SHOUTOUTZ - Meghan S.(miss u!), Ashley M., Mark M.(ok, the "mouse" on the floor was the funniest thing EVER! lol), Devon (visit her site here. Be prepared for weirdness!), Liz W., Sarah V.(click here to go to "Sarahz Stuf"), Taryn W., Grant, Lauren B., Sam L., Syd(go to her site here), Erin, Ryan K., Kourtney, Nicki H. (you evil horse-hater!), Tracy, John, Sarah L., Bri, Kellie (Tim, Matt and Shawn are NOT hott), Cheryl, Diana, Megan A., Nargis, my family, and all the other kool people I know!

New Found Glory

Good Charlotte

Avril Lavigne

Sum 41

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