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[ ELECTRO-Downloads ]

This is the downloads section. There is a wide variety of things to download here so choose the things that you need and download them! NOTE:IF you have windows 95 or 98, you will need to download an extractor called Winzip.

TI Emulator [Size: 1.34 Mb]

The graphing calculator that most of us use in Boulay's class can be downloaded here. It's the TI-83 graphing calculator fully functional. Perfect for those annoying math homeworks which Boulay can't even do. It comes in a WinZip self extracting file.

Flash 5 Crack [Size: 15k]

Don't wanna pay for Flash? You don't have to! This cracker gives you the serial number REQUIRED to register FLASH for free! just follow the given instructions.

Netturbo [Size: 758k]

This little program here has installs drivers to your modem to enhance your online connection. Websites load faster, streaming media is downloaded quicker, etc. This is a neat little program. The catch is that you can only use it for 30 days (shareware). If you want you could register it. The price isn't so high.

Download Accelerator Plus Beta [Size: 1.12 Mb]

DAP is a FREE download accelerator program. It works by downloading the selected file from multiple FTP sites, instead of a single FTP site. The download time also depends on your modem speed and internet traffic. This is yet another useful program in my opinion. I recently recieved an e-mail for this program stating that there is an available UPDATE. Please visit their site.

ELECTRO-Downloads-PC Pranks

The following files you will find are funny little pranks you can play on your friends. Just convince your victim to download the file and run it on his/her computer. These pranks really don't hurt the computer but its just funny to see the person's reaction LOL! NOTE: BEFORE WORKING WITH THE PRANK READ THE README FILE INCLUDED IN THE PRANK!

Fake Format [Size: 114k]

This prank Looks like it's formatting your hard drive. It looks to real to believe its fake. But it is. Give your friends a good scare with this little prank!

Start Menu Avoid [Size: 103k]

In this prank, the start menu in windows avoids your mouse. As the mouse pointer goes for the start menu, the start menu moves to another side of the taskbar. This one can get frustrating, and if you don't know how to turn it off, then you're in trouble!