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NeoKnights Templars Monthly Honors

Welcome to the NeoKnights Templars
Monthly Honors!

Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.
~Romans 13:7

These are the pets, members, and shops we honor monthly. Contact your legion commander if you need the link to the trophy page to pick up your trophy.

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Pets of the Month

Pets of the Month are chosen from pets nominated by Templars during the first half of the month. Templars may nominate an unlimited number of pets including their own during the first 2 weeks of each month. From the nominations, the guild council will choose five finalists who will be voted on during the last half of the month in a guild poll to determine the title holder for the following month.

Although you may nominate any and all of your own pets, you may only have 1 of your pets in the 5 finalists, and your pets are eligible for this honor only if you have been active recently. In addition, we ask that you and your friends not campaign for your pet through emails, instant messengers (chats), neomails, the guild message board, or the guild forum. Thanks!

Pets | Templars | Shops

Templars of the Month

Templars of the Month are chosen based on the size and regularity of their contributions to the guild. The Templar with the most service entries on his or her service record in the previous month receives the honor. Participation entries dont count towards this honor. Guild Council members are not eligible for this honor because they should contribute more than the average member.

Pets | Templars | Shops

Shops of the Month

Shops of the Month are chosen randomly and may not be selected two months in a row. To be eligible for Shop of the Month, a Templar's shop must have at least one item on sale or display in the shop, and the Templar must have been active recently. Shops open in a new window.

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The Templars' Battle Standard

Pet of the Month Pictures:

July 2002: Tempestuous_Bane Aug. 2002: Silvak Sept. 2002: Drakon578 Oct. 2002: NickShatzie Nov. 2002: Roper28 Dec. 2002: Kiyalissero Jan. 2003: NickShatzie Feb. 2003: Tempestuous_Bane March 2003: ShiningDragon30 April 2003: Meda_Pheonix May 2003: Mollymooster June 2003: Silvak July 2003: benice71945 Aug. 2003: Galinta Sept. 2003: Rocky1920 Oct. 2003: Sho30100 Nov. 2003: grfgtrgtre Jan. 2004: Rominion April 2004: SuperSticks1000000 May 2004: gmantyr June 2004: Justice_Mory July 2004: Avalon_Fire_Mystic Aug. 2004: Fierce_Flower_Bunny Nov. 2004: thegreatone9 Dec. 2004: Sho30100 Jan. 2005: SirParsifal

The Templars' Battle Standard

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