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NeoKnights Templars Battledome Guide

Welcome to the NeoKnights Templars
Battledome Guide!

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.
Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.
Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.

Silvak's Battledome Guide

Silvak's Battledome Guide is intended to be a tool to help our members find useful battledome information. We don't have time to update every detail NeoPets adds or changes regarding the battledome, so we rely on those who have invested time and effort to keeping up with those details. We appreciate their work very much!

Below, I have listed the 1-Player challengers currently available in order by their difficulty. Further down the page, I have also listed the pet species strengths and weaknesses. In addition, I have made a list of the faerie abilities that I think are the most useful. I have also added info on strength boosts. However, the most useful part of this guide is the Battledome Databank of Neopian Times articles I have collected and organized. Go there to learn how to battle well.

Links to Other Areas

This guide sponsored by Silvak!

Battledome Links

Official NeoPets BD Instructions

Battledome Databank

PPT IDB Articles

1-Player Locations & Info:

PPT 1-Player Profiles

Majal_Kita's Website

Weapon Info:
NeoPets Battlepedia
(Doesn't list all weapons; has effect types but not amounts.)

PPT In-Depth Battlepedia
(All you need to know about weapons! Search by item name or by icons.)

Grephun the Eyrie
(garet_jaxx tests a variety of weapons, and the info he posts on his pet's webpage is useful.)

Intergalactic Battle Archive Index
(This site pledges a 100% accuracy guarantee for all its weapon info.)

Battledome Help

Use the links to the left to learn how to fight, where to find 1-Player challengers, and what the different weapons do. I highly recommend the PPT In-Depth Battlepedia for all battledomers. The excellent staff running this fan site have info on Neggs, Faerie Abilities, how to calculate damage, and much more.

Available 1-Player Challengers in Order by Difficulty
(Links lead to PPT IDB 1-Player Profiles)

  1. Punchbag Bob (diff. 0)
  2. Chia Clown (diff. 10)
  3. Pant Devil (diff. 21)
  4. Ghost Lupe (diff. 32)
  5. Harry the Mutant Moehog (diff. 35)
  6. Kasuki Lu (diff. 38)
  7. Zafara Rogue (diff. 39)
  8. Flaming Meerca (diff. 40)
  9. Mutated Chia (diff. 40)
  10. Mummy (diff. 42)
  11. The Esophagor (diff. 49)
  12. Cave Chia (diff. 58)
  13. Highland Chia (diff. 58)
  14. Edna (diff. 60)
  15. Meuka (diff. 60)
  16. Lava Ghoul (diff. 61)
  17. Koi Warrior (diff. 62)
  18. Tiki Tack Man (diff. 63)
  19. Kauvara (diff. 70)
  20. Sabre-X (diff. 79)
  21. Count Von Roo (diff. 80)
  22. Vira (diff. 80)
  23. Sidney (diff. 84)
  24. Magnus the Torch (diff. 85)
  25. Tax Beast (diff. 85)
  26. The Black Pteri (diff. 89)
  27. The Brain Tree (diff. 91)
  28. Grarrg (diff. 100)
  29. Snow Faerie (diff. 105)
  30. Commander Garoo (diff. 120)
  31. Tekkitu the Witch Doctor (diff. 120)
  32. Jelly Chia (diff. 125)
  33. Advisor Broo (diff. 130)
  34. Meerca Henchmen (diff. 150)
  35. Robo Grarrl (diff. 150)
  36. Shadow Usul (diff. 175)
  37. Spider Grundo (diff. 175)
  38. Ryshu the Nimmo (diff. 250)
  39. Plumbeard (diff. 260)
  40. Balthazar (diff. 320)
  41. Space Faerie (diff. 450)
  42. Chiazilla (diff. 500)
  43. The Snowager (diff. 650)

Pet Strengths & Weaknesses
(only a few pets have them)
Also Available in PPT In-Depth Battlepedia, but I collected this info myself.

Blumaroo10% less damage from airnone
Buzz20% less damage from airnone
Chomby20% less damage from physical
10% less damage from fire
Cybunny20% less damage from earth
10% less damage from fire
Draik10% less damage from earth
10% less damage from fire
Elephante20% less damage from physicalnone
Eyrie20% less damage from airnone
Grarrl20% less damage from physicalnone
Grundo30% less damage from darknone
Ixi30% less damage from earth20% more damage from dark
Jubjub30% less damage from air
20% less damage from physical
20% more damage from fire
Kau10% less damage from air
10% less damage from earth
10% less damage from fire
10% less damage from light
10% less damage from physical
10% less damage from water
Korbat30% less damage from dark30% more damage from light
Nimmo20% less damage from waternone
Peophin20% less damage from water
10% less damage from earth
15% more damage from fire
Poogle10% less damage from earth
10% less damage from fire
Scorchio30% less damage from fire
10% less damage from air
10% less damage from earth
Shoyru20% less damage from firenone
Skeith10% less damage from earth
10% less damage from fire
10% less damage from physical
Tonu15% less damage from physicalnone
Tuskaninny20% less damage from waternone
Usul20% less damage from dark10% more damage from fire

Useful Faerie Abilities
Visit PPT In-Depth Battlepedia for details on each ability.

  • Burrow (Earth Faerie) If used on strong, this will block almost every type of icon.
  • Sink (Dark Faerie) If used on strong, this will block almost every type of icon.
  • Drain Life (Dark Faerie) A good healing option against opponents with 100 or more hit points. Use it on weak.
  • Quench (Water Faerie) If used on weak, it can block all fire.
  • Boil (Fire Faerie) If used on weak, it can block all water.
  • Water Breathing (Water Faerie) If used on weak, it can block all water.
  • Steam Shield (Water Faerie) If used on weak, it can block all light.
  • Firey Gaze (Fire Faerie) Use on weak for a chance to freeze.
  • Diamond Dust (Air Faerie) Use on weak for a chance to freeze.
  • Magic Berries (Earth Faerie) Another great opportunity to heal. Use on weak for best effect.

Strength/Defense Boosts

The effects of your pet's strength/defense do not increase gradually. They increase in stages. Large plateaus exist that keep pets with widely different strengths/defenses on the same level. As you reach a strength boost, the amount of damage your pet does per icon increases. At the same time when you reach a defense boost, the amount of damage your pet defends per icon also increases. The following chart shows the current strength/defense boosts that I know about, and it is based on info given me by my friend sirhatter.

Pet Strength/DefenseDamage Done/Defended Per Icon
1 to 70.5
8 to 120.75
13 to 191.0
20 to 341.25
35 to 541.5
55 to 842.0
85 to 1242.5
125 to 1993.0
200 to 2494.5
250 to 2995.5
300 to 3496.5
350 to 3997.5
400 to 4498.5
450 to 4999.5
500 to 54911.0
550 to 59912.0
600 to 64913.0
650 to 69914.0
700 or more15.0

Alas, damage calculation is not as simple as multiplying icons times the damage per icon. First, some weapons don't do the exact amount of attack icons they show, and most defensive weapons defend a standard amount of icons that determines the true icons used to calculate the amount of damage defended. These calculations are complex and could lead to rounding errors. You can read my article on IDB to learn more.

Second, the attack stance of both the attacker and defender modify the damage done in an attack. You must ignore the icons generated by the attack stances mentioned in this chart. The following chart shows the base effects of each stance (also courtesy of sirhatter). After you've used the above chart to figure your total damage per icon, you can mulitply that damage by the appropriate percentage in the following chart:

Defender's Stance
Attacker's StanceBerserk AttackFierce AttackJump and AttackNormal AttackCautious AttackDefendImproved Defend
Berserk Attack225%210%195%180%150%120%105%
Fierce Attack210%196%182%168%140%112%98%
Jump and Attack195%182%169%156%130%104%91%
Normal Attack180%168%156%144%120%96%84%
Cautious Attack150%140%130%120%100%80%70%
Improved Defend105%98%91%84%70%56%49%

If you think I should add more about this or I have something wrong, neomail me. You can also play with the IDB Damage Calculator to estimate your damage.

If you know of links or information that should be included or updated in this guide, please contact Reiksguardknight.

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