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Sometimes brain tree Anwsers may be randomized, so the answers MIGHT not work.

  1. Napolean Chia when:35BN Where:Umbuka Island
  2. Donna Flotsam When: 29BN
  3. Maxwell Brooglemeiser When: 35BN
  4. Angharad Kacheek When: 34BN
  5. Lenny Flotsam when: 34BN where: Umbuka Island
  6. Frank Von Curryworst when: 39BN where: the great cliffs
  7. Lenny von Borovan when: 41BN
  8. Helen Vaughan when: 26BN
  9. Shory Sloth when: 42BN
  10. Sian Kacheek when: 30BN
  11. Rupert Techo when: 41BN
  12. Lupe Chiapot when: 33BN where: the haunted graveyard
  13. Napolean Wilberforce when: 26BN where: Anonalgoin
  14. Shawn van Tramp when: 37BN where: the haunted woods
  15. Donna von B when: 31BN 15.Derek Kacheek when: 37BN
  16. Kevin Tecko when: 70BN where: The Graveyard
  17. Boris Skeith when: 35BN where: Maraqua Vladimir
  18. Chiapot when: 39BN
  19. Lupe von Cybun when: 34BN
  20. Maxwell Napolean Chia when: 35BN where: Umbuka Island
  21. Donna von Borakan when: 31BN
  22. Helen Vaughan when: 26BN
  23. Rubert von Tramp when: 33BN Angharad Jetsam when: 34BN
  24. Lenny Vaughan when: 33BN
  25. Bruce Kacheek when: 50BN
  26. James von Tramp 35BN
  27. Michael von Tramp when: 33BN where: Skull Rock
  28. Frank Von CurryWarst when: 39 BN Where: The Great Cliffs
  29. Helen Vaughan When:26 BN
  30. Shoy Slooth when: 42 BN
  31. Sian Kacheek When:30BN
  32. Rupert Techo When 41 Bn
  33. Lupe Chipot when: 33BN Where The Haunted GraveYard
  34. Shawn Van Tramp When: 37BN Where: The Haunted Wood
  35. Nepolean Wilberforce when: 26BN
  36. Donna Von B When: 31BN
  37. Usula Von CurryWurst When:26BN
  38. Usula Wilberforce When: 26 BN
  39. Vladimir Sloth When: 24BN
  40. Shoy Von CurryWurst When:24BN
  41. Blumy Techo When: 36Bn
  42. Lenny Von Borovan When 41BN
  43. Maxwell Chiapot When:26BN
  44. Oscar Techo When:20Bn Where: Neopia City
  45. Michael Van Tramp When: 33Bn Where: Skull Rock
  46. Engelbert Vaughan When:32 BN Where: Dome Trunk
  47. Rupert VAn Tramp When: 33BN
  48. Angharad Kacheek When: 40BN
  49. James Van Tramp When:35BN
  50. Bruce Kacheek When: 50BN
  51. Aisha Techo When:35BN
  52. Angharad Jetsam When: 34BN
  53. Shoy Flotsam When: 51BN Where: Mystery Island
  54. Donna Flotsam When:29Bn
  55. Maxwell Chia When:35BN
  56. Anghorad Brooglemeister When: 38BN Where: Skull RoCk
  57. Helan Von Curry Wurst When: 21BN Where: The Haunted Woods