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::A Simple Synopsis For Anyone::

After several hundred years of being shunned and killed for the belief, Wiccans can now freely practice their faith. Around the 1950's in England, Witchcraft was unbanned and has resurfaced to gain a strong following. The greatest myth surrounding Wicca is that it's devil worship. This can be in no way true, as Wiccans do not believe in Satan, nor hell. What Wiccans do believe can be summed up in the rede: "Do what ye will, but harm none." So, in other words, do what is right, and do not harm others or alter lives against one's knowledge, unless it's your own.

Wiccans also believe in the rule of three. Simply put, the kindness in how you treat others will come back to you, times three. Vice-versa, too, so you're rewarded for doing good and get (pardon my french now..)shit on for doing bad things.

Ready to learn a little more?

Starting any Ceremony or Spell...

Forming The Circle...

It is important to be centered before casting any spell. This can be easily done by casting a circle.

To cast a circle, you either need an athame (double-edged knife), a magikal tool such as a wand, or your dominant pointer finger will do the job just as well. While drawing the circle around your body through the air, chant once, or as many times as you feel necessary:

Air, Fire, Water, Earth/ Elements of astral birth/ I call you now, attend to me/ In the circle rightly cast,/ Safe from psychic curse or blast,/ I call you now attend to me!/ From Cave & Desert, Sea & hill/ By wand, blade, cup & pentacle!/ I call you now attend to me!/ This is my will, So mote it be!

This is referred to as simply "The Circle Chant", or "The Invocation of the Elements".

Special thanks to Cory R. remembering the athame!

*Simple Candle Magik*

Fire is a most magical thing, just think about: uncontroled, it can cause pain and loss, but when used with specific intent, can do a number of useful things. This is why candle magik is an easy and useful tool for any Wiccan.

First, it is important to relate fire to the proper candle color for the job. This guide should prove useful:

BLACK: Black attracts energy and can open up the deeper levels of the consciousness. Good for use in rituals to induce deep meditation or to banish evil and negativity.

BLUE: It is the color of loyalty and is used to attract the energy of Jupiter or whenever and influence or intention needs to be increased. It brings good fortune, wisdom and opens up blocked communication.

BROWN:Brown is an earthly balanced color that is good for rituals for material increase. It can influence friendship, eliminate indecisiveness and improve the powers of concentration. It can also help to locate lost items.

GOLD:Gold is beneficial in rituals to gain fast money or luck and rituals needing solar energy. It is a happy playful color that fosters understanding and attracts the powers of the beyond.

GREEN: A good color for tree and plant magick, it is the color of the mother earth. It helps with jealousy, ambition and greed. It can attract love, social delights and increase fertility. Also helps with monetary success, physical health and abundance.

MAGENTA:Magenta is a combination of red and violet that energizes rituals where immediate action or high levels of power or spiritual healing are needed.

ORANGE:Orange is a color that can help with legal and business matters. It helps with ambition, career goals and general success.

PINK:Pink is a loving, nurturing color that attracts love and friendships. It is the standard color for rituals to attract love or loving relationships. It is a very feminine color that can bring good, interesting, lively conversation to the dinner table.

PURPLE:A spiritual color that can help attract influences in high places. It is ideal for rituals to secure ambition, financial rewards and independance. It helps to bring contact with spiritual world and increases Neptune energy.

RED:The color red encourages passion, strength and courage. It aids fertility, will power and increases magnetism in rituals. Red draws Aries and Scorpio energy.

SILVER:The color silver has a very feminine power and aids intuition, dreams and astral energies. It removes negativity and encourages stability, helps attract psychic energies and attracts the influence of the mother goddess.

WHITE:White is a blance of all colors. It is a very enlightening and spiritual color. It is a cleansing, truth seeking color that heals. It is a very beneficial color for rituals involving lunar energy and may be substituted for any other color.

YELLOW:Yellow is color that aids concentration, creativity and intelligence. It brings the power of concentration and imagination to rituals and is good for selling yourself. Use in rituals where you wish to gain anothers confidence or persuade someone, or in rituals that require solar energy.


...But maybe not. The fact is, just lighting a candle won't give you money or fix up your lousy love life. This is why each and every one of us have a M-I-N-D. You will be using it to release energy towards a goal. Concentraite on what you hope to acheive: To get a raise, patch up problems with a friend, or meet your soulmate (Sorry, but with Wicca, you CANNOT force anyone to love you. Doing so is BLACK MAGIK and any respectable person will steer clear of it.). As you concentraite on what you want, or what you want to end, gaze into the candle's flame and imagine it absorbing your mental energy. After you feel and see the flame growing larger as it absorbs more of your thoughts, you're at the time when it needs to be extinguished and disposed of properly. I sugest taking the lit candle outside. There, it either needs to be extinguished by wind (don't make your own by blowing or running; that's cheating) or it may be placed in a naturally formed puddle. It is important that you never use this candle again. The rule of thumb is simple: one candle; one spell. Now you must bury the candle, and keep your faith in your heart. Everything happens in due time.

I know candle magik works for a fact. Not only has it helped me reach my goal, but physically, there is a dark soil spot where I have buried my candle that isn't budging. Even through countless rains and dry weather, this spot is noticably darker and very round. Three Lillies are currently blooming around, almost protecting the circle, which just goes to show, everything happens in threes...


These are only a few of the sites out there that contain great info on Wicca or Witchcraft. If you want your homepage listed, feel free to e-mail me with your URL.


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