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1. I use Paint Shop Pro to create the graphics for use in this site. A copy of PSP may be obtained from Jasc.com.These dolls may NOT be copied, reproduced, or taken off this site. These dolls are for exclusive display in this site. NONE ARE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Thank you for respecting this. If you would like to assemble doll props and come up with a doll of your choice, open your graphics program and then go to a doll maker site on the web. There are several doll maker sites with "Drag and Drop" facilities. I recommend Dollzmania, The Doll Zone Hang Out Central, All About Dollz, MaxPages Doll Magic, Every Doll in the World, G'wende's Dollz Maker, Emma's Doll house, and Dreamdollz. These doll maker sites in general make use of doll props from The Palace (Avatar). I would also like to credit Kandy'z PSP tubes and Sherlynn's Doll Signatures for some pre-made dolls, PSP tubes, and graphics used in this site.Please take note that I do NOT claim credit for the doll props and various PSP tubes used for constructing the dolls.
Paint Shop Pro The Palace Tools

Gwende's DollzDollzmaniaEmma's Dollhouse
All About DollzKandy's PSP TubesEvery Doll Maker in the World
Sherlynn's Doll SignaturesMaxpages Doll MagicThe Doll Zone Hang Out Central

2. This site is hosted by Bravenet.com. The interactive features such as the guestbook, mini-poll, e-mail forms, and free-for-all links are sponsored by Bravenet. All graphics are properly uploaded into the Bravenet server and are functional. There are no broken images in this site. If you see a red "x" please refresh or reload the page and the image with appear.
3. The background graphic set is courtesy of GraphicGarden.com. Graphic Garden
4. All pages in this site are spell-checked and tested for Browser Compatibility, Broken Links, and HTML Design/Syntax using NetMechanic.com Filipino names and words, as well as some proper nouns are expected to be counted as misspelled words.
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