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Digimon Frontier
Courtesy of Megchan's Newsletter and

Okay! Now in case you haven't heard Digimon Frontier is the new Digimon Series that is coming out in April in Japan. Some people have already dubbed it as the "End of Digimon" and the "Worst Session of Digimon" although I am more optimistic! I think this will open a new window of Digimon. Besides, there are still a lot more topics they could do on Digimon! Hey, everyone thought Tamers would suck, but I thought otherwise. Now everyone is raving over how great it is! ^_^ I was right about Tamers, I could be right about this!

The story goes like this:

For a long time, the Digital World was ruled over by the Three Great Angel Digimon. Just recently, one of the Digimon, Cherubimon, revolted. Now the Digital World is beginning to fall apart. The ten legendary Digimon who protected the Digital World in exchange for their own lives now longer exist. In the Digital World's time of greatest need, the “Spirits” of the legendary warriors lend a new power to the children of a different world...our world. Takuya and his friends find themselves in the in the Digital World and became the Digimon themselves, and embark on a journey of battle and adventure.(Now try and tell me that this series will suck)

The Characters
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Your usual goggle head, noting like Takato, but I'm pretty such that he is different from Tai and Davis to prevent most complaints. He is a lively and hot-blooded boy.
He finds his way to the Digital World by a strange e-mail on his cell phone.


I know what you're that a boy or a girl? Well, it turns out Kouji is a BOY! If he just get rid of the long hair he would probably be as popular as Matt is. He's a lone wolf who believes that traditional values, beliefs and existence is senseless and useless (depressing isn't he?).
They don't say how, but Kouji got to Digital World by a different route!


Junpei is a very knowledgeable boy, although he might not look the part. He enjoys fortune telling with cards and is the mood maker for the group.


Izumi just returned to Japan from Italy (I’m still trying to figure out what she was doing there). Even though she’s the only girl in the group so far, she has a strong personality so it’ll be like there’s two of her. She always speaks her mind, so if she doesn’t like you, you’ll probably know about it. Hmmm, does this remind you of someone?

Pic unavailable
This is the only pic that does not have. But, I have seen him in a poster once, he either has a very big afro, or a big round hat (the pic was small, so I couldn’t tell).
He’s the youngest of the group and a crybaby. Because his big brother ignores him, and everyone at school makes fun of him, he spends most of his time on the computer. Tomoki runs away to the Digital world to get away from his bullies in the Real World.

The Digimon
Now, while it’s not certain, says there might be a chance that the kids will have partners. I believe this would be a different kind of partnership than we usually see. Instead of a physical partner it would be a “Spiritual” partner because the kids are supposed to use the Spirits of the legendary Digimon to transform into Digimon. Then again I could be totally off base, but from what I heard, I stand a good chance of being right!
Also, there were ten legendary Digimon and five kids, this could mean several things: 1.)Each of the kids can eventually turn into two Digimon. 2.) Eventually, there will be five more kids added to the group. There are more things this could mean, but I don’t feel like typing them out. ^_^; So far I only know about 5 of the ten legendary Digimon.

Agnimon’s body is covered in flames and has Takuya’s quick reflexes and pre-element offensive strength. Agnimon has the ability to manipulate fire.

As the name suggests, Wolfmon is a wolf Digimon. He is very fast and specializes in close combat.

This beetle Digimon has a hard shell that can repel pretty much any attack.

Another easy to guess Digimon. This Fairy Digimon can fly around using the large wings on her back.

The irony is just dripping from this digimon. Chakmon looks like a harmless stuffed animal, but be warned, he’s well armed.

That’s all the info I have for now, if I come up with some more I’ll update!