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Those other guys

The 01 Digidestend

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya

Age: 11

Digimon partner: Koromon/Agumon/Greymon/MetalGreymon/WarGreymon/Onimon

Crest: Courage

01:Tai is the leader of the group who enjoys action and adventure. When he first joined the team, Tai thought that it was easy being a leader but soon realized that empathy and compassion are necessities when building and leading a team. Tai is obbessed with soccer

02:In 02 Tai is in high school now and nothing much has changed. Except for the fact that he is now torturing Davis from the side lines.

The Future:Tai and Agumon becomes a goverment offical who is in chrage of the relasion between the Real and Digital world. He has one son.

Sora Takenouchi

Age: 11

Digimon partner: Yokomon/Biyomon/Birdraman/Garudamon/

Crest: Love

01Sora is the responsible one of the group and very caring. Dispite her tom boy attiude, she acts as an older sister for the group, always keeping an eye out for everyone. She is very good friends with Tai, in fact they play soccer together.

02: Sora has claimed down a bit from her tom boyish ways. She traded her soccer shoes for a tennis racket.

The Future: Sora becomes a fashion designer with Byomon and marries Matt (which I am NOT happy about!). She has one son and one daughter. They're are some rumors that she devorced Matt and marrys Joe (which is even more outragous), but I'm not too sure if this is true.

Takeru "T.K." Takaishi

Age: 8

Digimon partner: Poyomon/Tokomon/Patamon/Angemon/MagnaAngemon/Pegasusmon/Shakkoumon

Crest/Digiegg: Hope

01:T.K. is Matt's little brother, and has the tendency to get in over his head trying to impress his older brother. He's the little boy trying to be brave in the face of life-changing events. T.K.'s will is strong and he's full of hope. His parents got devorced and he lives with his mom; this makes him want to impress his brother even more by doing things by himself and be a big kid. Although Matt is not ready to let go yet.

02: T.k.'s back in 02 and has grown alot. He still living with his mother and he still looks up to Matt,although thier relatsonship is a bit more relaxed now! But, T.k. still wishes his family was together again. T.k.'s a bit more hateful towards the dark forces then he was when he was a kid. T.k. also has the begenings of a crush on Kari. He makes friends really fast, except with Davis! His DNA Digivole partner is Cody.

The FutureT.k. grows up to be a novelist. He wrote a book about the adventures he and the other digidestind had when they were kids. He has one son.

Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi

Age: 10

Digimon partner: Motimon/Tentomon/Kabuterimon/Megakabuterimon

Crest: Knowledge

01:Izzy was nick-named Izzy. He is the "thinker" of the group. Izzy spends so much time trying to figure things out that sometimes he misses out on the actual experience. Izzy was also adopted by his parent's problem is, he over-heard his parent saying this so they don't know that he knows. Izzy was a bit shocked because they never told him face-to-face untill later.

02:Izzy is still as sharp as a tack. Although he doesn't go the Digital World as much, he still has time to keep an eye out on his lap top and give the team vital bit of imformation. In fact Tentomon acts like a spy at times, going where Izzy can't!

The Future: Izzy has grown up to be a Digital World Researcher along with Sora's dad and Joe's brother (Jim). He has one daughter.

Mimi Tachikawa

Age: 10

Digimon partner: Tanemon/Palmon/Togemon/Lillymon

Crest: Sincerity

01:Mimi is the self-centered individual of the group that's not affraid to say what's on her mind. Although she likes to be the focal point of every situation, once she gets beyond herself she is a very sweet girl. With Mimi, it takes a few minutes for things to fully sink in. Later in the seasion Mimi becomes a peace missonary, and trys to avoid a fight where ever possible.

02:Mimi has moved to America in 02. Some people have noticed that she can't seem to decide on a hair color but that's because she is a fashion model and if they want you blond, you go blond! Mimi is still the peace in pink loving ditz as she always was.

The Future: Mimi grows up to be a chef on a cooking show with Palmon. She has one son, whose looks makes people belive that she married Michael (an American Digidestend).

Joe Kido

Age: 12

Digimon partner: Bukamon/Gomamon/Ikkakumon/Zudomon

Crest: Reliability

02:Joe is the voice of reason for the group and feel's that he's the respondible one. Due to his over-analyzing of all situations, Joe has difficulty making decisions. He's a worrier who believes that something will go wrong with every decision he makes. His dad is pressureing him to become a doctor, but Joe's not too sure what he wants to do. But his big brother Jim tells him to do whatever he wants to do, despite their dad.

02:Joe is in high school and is studying to be a doctor. And he still thinks ahead.

The Future: Joe grows up to be the Digital World's 1st doctor. He has one son.

Hikari "Kari" Kamiya

Age: 8

Digimon partner: Nyaromon/Salamon/Gatomon/Angewomon/Nafertimon/Sylphimon

Crest/Digiegg: Light

01Kari is Tai's little sister and the 8th Digidestined. She is strong in heart and very sweet and kind. She doesn't appear until later during the Myotismon episode's.

02 Kari is back in 02 and she's still the the Angel of Light that she was in 01. Although she is terrorised by the dark forces more in 02 they sort have started a subplot, and left it hanging in the wind.

The Future:Kari grows up to be a kindergarden teacher. She has one son.

The 02 Digidestined

These are the profiles of the new Digidestend. 02 takes place four years after 01. If you want to know what happened to the 01 Digidestend read what it says next to "02". Only Kari and T.k. return as main characters!

Dansuke "Davis" Motimiya

Age: Japan-11 US-13

Digimon partner: Veemon/Flamedramon/Raidramon/Magnamon/ExVeemon/Paildramon/Imperaldramon

Digimental: Courage, Friendship and Miracles

02:Davis is the new leader. He's like Tai and Matt combined. Short-tempered. Davis also has a crush on Kari and is jealous of T.K. because he's close friends with Kari. He once wore square shaped goggles, but Tai gave Davis his round ones. He looks up to Tai alot, partly because he plays on the same soccor team that Tai used to be on.

The Future: Davis grows up to have one of the largest Noodle cart chains. He and Veemon get their faces on "Time Magazine" Davis has one son

Meyako "Yolei" Inoue

(picture not advailable)

Age: Japan-12 US-14

Digimon partner: Hawkmon/Halsemon/Shurimon/Haslemon/Sylphimon

Digimental: Love & Sincerity

02:Yolei is a cross between Mimi and Sora. She's kind of a trouble maker and is a little on the spoiled side. She's into mechanical things and likes computers. Yolei has a crush on Izzy, Ken and pretty much any other boy she sees.

The Future: Yolei becomes a saty-at-home Mom and marries Ken (again, I am not happy about)! She has two sons and one daughter.

Iori "Cody" Hida

Age: Japan-9 US(estamated)-11

Digimon partner: Armadimon/Digmon/Submarinmon/Ankilomon/Shakkoumon

Digimental: Knowledge & Reliability

02Cody is the youngest one in the group. He's very serious and a logical person. He lives with his mother and grandfather because his dad died as a police officer in the line of duty. When Ken 1st changed his ways, Cody was not quick to forgive him of his evil deeds. Cody takes Kendo(Japanise Fenceing) and is toaught by his grandfather.

The Future:Cody grows up to be a lawyer. He has one daughter.

Here is Kari and Tk in 02!

The 03 Digidestend

This is not really season 03, it's actually a new series. Although Fox Kids says it's a new season. None of the other Digidestind appear in this season!

Takato Matsuda

Age: Japan-10 US-13

Digimon: Guilmon/Growlmon/WarGrowlmon/Gallantmon

Description: The new leader and goggle boy. Takato is from Japan and isn't that much like the previous goggle boys, he's very shy and quiet but is a true friend and doesn't really like fighting. He is an artist and loves to draw Digimon. He lives with is parents above his family's bakery.

Lee "Henry" Jenyra

Age: Japan-10 US-13

Digimon: Terriermon/Gargomon/Rapidmon/MegaGargomon

Description: Henry is clam and gentle and he thinks of Digimon as beloved friends. His mother is Japanese and his father is Chinese. Hendry has a little sister (name unknown) who thinks Terriermon (his Digimon) is a toy and she enjoys her playtime with him (although Terriermon doesn't know how much more he can take)!

Ruki "Rika" Makino

Age: Japan-10 US-13

Digimon: Renamon/Kyubimon/Taomon/Sakuyamon

Description: Ruki is not like any of the female Digidestined before her. She likes fighting and believes Digimon are there only for battling. Ruki wears the broken heart because her parents got divorced when she was very little. She has an attitude and is good at card battles.