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The Blue Eyed Duo

Who is the Blue Eyed Duo you ask. Just look at the site banner! Who do you see? Matt and Ken! Aha! See anything in common between the two? Yes their eyes are drawn in the same square-like style! And look, their eyes are both blue! Lets see, Do I have a profile? Now I do!

Yamato "Matt" Ishida

First appeared:Digimon Adventures 01

Age: 11

Digimon partner:Tsunomon/Gabumon/Garurumon/Weregarurumon/MetalGarurumon

Crest: Friendship

01:Matt is the cool guy and the rebel of the group. He's introspective and sensitive, but tries to hide his feelings hoping nobody will notice. He's rebellious in the way that he rejects Tai's leadership. He's used to being on his own and he doesn't like guidance.

02: Matt is older in 02 and is trying to be a rock star!

The Future: Matt grew up to be an astronaut and went to Mars with Gabumon! Matt married Sora (which I am NOT happy about)! He has one son and one daughter.

Ken Ichijoji

1st appeared: Digimon Adventures 02

Age: U.S.-13 Japan-11

Digimon partner:Minomon/Wormmon/Stingmon/Paildramon/Imperaldramon

Crest: Kindness

02>Ken is a famous genius. He was the Digimon Emporer at first but after his defeat he joined the Digidestined. He has an older brother who died when he was very young.

The Future: Ken grows up to be a dective team with Stingmon. He marries Yolei (again I am not happy) and he has two sons and one daughter!

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