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Book of Understanding

Everything and everyone is equal before the Gods. A tree is as worthy to life as a person. Nature is the embodyment of this. A strong animal kills and eats a weak animal. This is equality because the strong animal lives on and the remains of the dead animal nurtures bugs for other creatures to eat, nurtures the earth and is atomically recycled - a neccessity as atoms can neither be created nor destroyed by natural means. The Gods watch over this and help the universe stay balanced. The slightest imbalance can bring great calamity. Famine and war, for example. But the people it affects may not be connected to the imbalance. It's like the way a tornado can destroy your neighbours home, but not yours. An imbalance is a tornado and it can go anywhere.
Praise and glorification of and to the Gods, along with meditation can open the mind and they [Gods] can help show the way to regain balance. Amen-Re. Praise be.
Accept people as they are. Do not try to change them unless they want it or ask for it. Do not go up topeople and speak these books. The people must come to you. Do not argue, but challenge and make people think. Being able to challange, but not argue, shows a deep understanding of the Gods. (They are there to guide and point us in the right direction, and to help, but never to do everything for us). We should be the same with our own kind. We should guide people through challenging and making them think. One cannot think for anyone but themself, but one can challenge others to think.

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