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Book Binding – Creating a BoS

There are many different ways to bind a book, and I have seen them different sites explaining it. The unfortunate thing with those sites is that it is often confusing and too difficult – or the book is just not good enough. So I decided that, for those people who wish to create their own BoS, I would put up the method I created off the top of my head to make my Temple’s BoS. It’s sturdy and it looks good, but it may take up a bit of time.

If you want a big book, use legal paper. If you just want one kinda like a notebook, use regular paper. It doesn't matter. Mine was 400 pages (398 when finished), so its the only way I know to do it. However, I will make the instructions general.


Paper (lots of it)
Glue (the strongest liquid glue you can get your hands on – carpenters glue for example).
Embroidery Thread
A very, very, very, strong needle.
Construction Paper
Anything else you want to add to your BoS. For example, fabrics, stickers, art, etc.


Step One: Grab ten pieces of paper, and fold them over length wise so you have a little book. Set aside. Repeat until you have desired amount. (for example, if you wanted 400 pages, then you would repeat 20 times).

Step Two: Find cardboard. Doesn't matter where it comes from (it is preferable if you DON'T use pizza boxes).

Step Three: Cut out a piece of cardboard that has a greater width than your bundle of papers. Fold over the edges of the cardboard so the ends of the booklets fit inside (make sure it is snug, but it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, so don't worry), and there is some cardboard on the front and back of the whole “book”. The cardboard does not have to be the same height as the papers, but don't make it less than half.

Step Four: Put glue on the cardboard and put the papers in, attaching them. This will NOT hold the BoS together; it just creates added support, so again, don't worry if it isn't working out like you had hoped. Let it dry.

Step Five: As it is drying kill some time. This can be done by measuring how big your covers will be. Cut these out in the cardboard so you will have a hardcover book. Also cut little strips of cardboard ˝ an inch to 1 inch wide and as long as you want, but not too long. If you don't want to kill time in this way, then go do something less constructive.

Step Six: This is the one that consumes the most time. Open up each little booklet separately while keeping it in the mediocre binding you have already made. Thread the embroidery thread through the [eye of the] needle and stitch the pages into the cardboard. You can do this in any way you like and I'm sure that you will create shortcuts on your own.

Step Seven: When you are (eventually) finished that, take construction paper and cover the font and back pages of your nearly-complete book with it. This reinforces.

Step Eight: Glue those little strips of cardboard onto the front and back, then put glue on the tops of them and place the cardboard covers on top. This makes the cover even (because of the fold-over of cardboard from the binding)

Step Nine: Cover this with construction paper.

Step Ten: Where all the knots are on the back of the binding, glue a piece of cardboard right on it, with lots of glue. This will keep the knots from becoming loose and makes everything more even. Cover this with construction paper.

Step Eleven: That should be about it. Now you can decorate as you wish. Use your imagination.

Good luck. Hope it worked,