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+The Death of Allanon+

My sword stands idle and kills no more

As it's owner begins to soar

Soars through Heaven without his love

So I wait for my love above

To hurt is something I cannot do

For I am finished through and through

The one I love will still live on

And I move on to Heaven's dawn

Goodbye Althena

Alas, all great stories must come to an end. Allanon has fallen, leaving behind the only thing he ever cared about, Althena. The way he dies is shown here through some of my writing. I wrote this years ago, so it lacks quality, but i dont' have the heart to change it. (At least not yet) This is based on a great roleplaying experience I was blessed with. I would like to thank the other players that were involved with the best adventure I have ever played.

++Special Thanks++


+Allanon's Death+

The three warriors stood in the well-lit room watching the newly fallen beast that lay lifeless in the middle of the room, killed by their hand. Allanon stood on one knee, holding a sword in one hand and his injured side in the other. He breathed heavily as he looked up to see Ehih slowly standing on the other side of the room, hurt from battle as well. His look shifted slightly to the left to see Althena standing in front of the dead beast, looking at it with wonder. A slight smile rose from his lips, despite the pain he felt from his cracked ribs.

"You...are safe" he managed out between breaths. As he spoke, he replaced his sword to its sheath on his back.

He slowly started to limp toward where his two comrades stood as the sudden event happened with such speed that he barely had time to react. With speed unreachable by any human, the beast raised its head and looked at Althena with evil glowing in his eyes. With one swift motion he raised his arm and flung the lance that it held through the air at Althena. Allanon saw this and with his wounds pushed to the back of his mind, he ran desperately at Althena. As Allanon ran the lance flew, flying through the air with tremendous speed at her. They almost reached Althena at the same time, but Allanon reached her first, pushing her from the path of the lance. At the same moment Althena was pushed from danger, the lance hit Allanon's chest with a thud as it impaled him and knocked him backwards. Allanon's eyes got big and a little blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth as he slowly fell backwards to the hard floor.

Getting up a little dazed from the previous events, Althena looked up to see the lance strike Allanon knocking him backward and finally to the ground. "No! Monsieur!" she yelled as he hit the ground and yelled in pain. She quickly regained her footing and ran to his side looking at the wound and then his face. A slight raspy breathing came from his lips as he lay with his eyes closed, and his hand vainly trying to slow the flow of blood that came from his chest.

After feeling the touch of a soft hand meet his, he slowly opened his eyes to see Althena staring down at him with a look that showed as much pain as he felt. He gripped her hand softly and tried to speak, stopping as the pain grew a little then started to ease. He looked up to her, eyes half open and spoke softly.

"Th...thank you...", he said gathering the last of his strength to speak then continued. "Thank you for helping me find...happiness once more." Althena brought her hand to his face, stroking his cheek lightly, a single tear descending from her eye as she listened to him. He gazed at her face, admiring her beauty, gazing, as he knew it would be the last he would. Taking one last look at her, he spoke softly. "Althena...I love you." She closed her eyes as the words escaped his mouth. "Monsieur...I love you too... Althena slowly lowers down next to him and kisses his lips softly. The kiss was the last thing Allanon felt as even his pain was leaving him. His head gently fell back in her arms and as she gazed upon him, a single tear fell from his eye and the grip he held her hand with weakened and then fell loose.

The above picture was done by Althena 8/26/01

Just because I feel I cannot thank her enough, I thank Althena for the picture, and taking the time(8 hours I believe)to draw it.