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The Book of Dust

OK, OK, we all want what we can't have: what happened after the end of The Amber Spyglass? Sadly, our beloved Philip Pullman has said there will be no more of Lyra and Will... but there's hope yet.

Philip Pullman is working on a sort of companion novel to His Dark Materials, entitled "The Book of Dust." From what I have gathered through interviews and from the internet, "The Book of Dust" will have short stories about all of the secondary characters such as Lee Scoresby and Serafina Pekkala. There may also be information about Dust, the Alethiometer, the Subtle Knife, and dæmons. Basically, all the things we wondered about, but weren't important enough to put into the books themselves. There is no date listed (not that I could find, anyway) about when "The Book of Dust" will be released, but we can all hope that it is soon. When I get more info, I will post it here, so check back often. Also, if you know anything about "The Book of Dust" or the movie, please e-mail me or Jay.

Here's what Pullman has said will probably be in TBOD:

-How Lee and Iorek met
-How Farder Coram and Serafina Pekkala fell in love
-Lyra 4 years after TAS (no mention of Will, though)

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