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This section of the page is for articles people have written about His Dark Materials. If you have written an article and wish to submit it, please e-mail it to the BTTA here. Everyone should feel free to write an article and express themselves!

Note: Views expressed in the Commentaries are not necessarily those of Bridge Through the Aurora, or the webmasters. We want to compile a look at the trilogy that comes from all different angles, so please keep that in mind while reading and/or responding to the articles.

As a new feature, I've added a section to the message boards devoted to the discussion of the commentaries listed on this page. Check it out!

(NEW)Thoughts on the Radio Drama by Kyrillion

(NEW)Trinity by Kyrillion

Beam me up, Lyra - HDM from the SF reader’s viewpoint by Ceres Wunderkind

A Paradise Lost by Kyrillion

A Call To Arms: How To Fight The Book-Burners by Merlyn

Deaths: What Hides in the Shadows by Merlyn

Chapter by Chapter Analysis of HDM by Merlyn

Daemonology by Kyrillion

Worlds Apart I: Contradictions of the Many Worlds Theory by Merlyn

Worlds Apart II: Beyond The Looking Glass by Merlyn

Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials: an attack against Christianity or a confirmation of human worth? by Rachel Ebbs

Sugar Candy Mountain: a comparison of His Dark Materials and Harry Potter - by Kyrillion

Revelation Relation - by Justine

Of Dæmons and Angels - by Merlyn

Paradise Found - by Anna Coulter

Dust to Dust - by Merlyn

Guide to Buying HDM - by Kyrillion

An Overview of HDM - by Liz


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