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The Subtle Knife

Will Parry is like any other ordinary 11 year old boy from our world. The only difference is that he has killed a grown man. While running from his terrible crime, he stumbles through a window into another world. It is the world of Cittagazze, where children seem to rule, as the dreaded specters prey on the souls of adults. In this world he befriends another traveler- Lyra Belacqua, now Lyra Silvertongue. The two soon find themselves in search of a small but extremely powerful knife, capable of cutting a window between the very fabric of the worlds. Will’s search for his lost father, and Lyra’s search for the truth about Dust lead them on, every step of the way to the cliff-hanger ending.

The second book in the ‘His Dark Materials’ Trilogy by Philip Pullman, The Subtle Knife follows the legacy of The Golden Compass. Winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Book Award, the ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of the Year, and countless other awards, The Subtle Knife has brought back the excitement and power of The Golden Compass. As the Washington Post Book World said, “Just as quick-moving and unputdownable as The Golden Compass… The mysteries deepen and the wonders grown even more extravagant.” The New York Times Book Review said : “The story gallops with ferocious momentum [and] Pullman is devilishly inventive.’ The San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle called The Subtle Knife “As rich and complex a fantasy novel as any adult reader could wish for.” Acclaimed fantasy author Lloyd Alexander (Newbery Medalist for The High King) said “The Subtle Knife is as absorbing and irresistible as The Golden Compass- even more so, as powerful new forces are set in motion. A brilliantly conceived work.”

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