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The Golden Compass

When 11 year old Lyra Belacqua attempts to rescue her best friend Roger from kidnappers, she has no idea what she’s getting into. She soon finds herself on a quest that will take her from her home at Jordan College in Oxford to the deep North. She will befriend gyptians, witches, talking bears and a Texas ballonist. She will be followed by mechanical spies and kidnapped by Samoyan hunters. She will be betrayed, and she will betray. All the while guided by the Alethiometer, a truth-telling, compass-like instrument that runs on the mysterious Dust, it has been prophesied by the witches of the North that Lyra is the one destined to bring about the end of Destiny…

The first book in Philip Pullman’s acclaimed ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy, The Golden Compass (published in countries that receive British editions of books as 'Northern Lights') has been made a Horn Book Fanfare Honor Book, Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of the Year (1997), and a Booklist Editors’ Choice- Top of the List. It won the Carnegie Medal (England), and the Guardian Prize for Fiction (England). It has received awards and praise from countless literary groups, both children and adult. The Washington Post called it “Superb.. all-stops-out thrilling.” Publishers Weekly called it “Breathtaking.. a glittering gem.” Of The Golden Compass, New Statesman said “… The most ambitious work since Lord of the Rings, it is as intellectually thrilling as it is magnificently written.”

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