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The Amber Spyglass

War is at hand- war between the Kingdom of Heaven, ruled by the Authority, and the newly founded Republic of Heaven, under the command of the upstart Lord Asriel, the father of Lyra Silvertongue. Once reunited, Lyra and Will, armed with the Alethiometer and the Subtle Knife, embark on a quest that will shake the foundations of every world. Protected by two miniature spies, they will travel to the Land of the Dead to undo a wrong, and in doing so change the course of history. They will encounter, face to face, the aged Authority, and the fearsome Regent, Metatron. And as their childhood fades away behind them and maturity sets in, they will see each other in a new light… and be forced to make painful sacrifice to save everyone.

The most powerful and moving of the books, The Amber Spyglass is the long-awaited conclusion to Philip Pullman’s masterpiece- The His Dark Materials Trilogy. Recently awarded the coveted Whitbread award (the first ever children’s book), The Amber Spyglass takes the power and emotions of His Dark Materials to a new level. This is truly a startling conclusion to a wonderful series… one that will have wrenched every emotion out of your heart as it takes you through its pages, at last leaving you in a garden, as night sets in, listening to the bells of Oxford chime in the distance, and a little nightingale singing in the branches overhead.

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