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His Dark Materials RPG

HDM RPG System Revised
July 2nd, 2002

There have been some drastic changes to the RPG format as I try to make it more unique. I’m moving away from the more traditional skill points etc. and going for more story, to make it more interesting. You can still choose from the five species (humans, angels, bears, witches, and gallivespians), however, they do not have point advantages or skills.

Players gain points by telling the story of their character. Once you have enough points, you can “purchase” one of the three instruments (Alethiometer, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass… 500points each). First player to own all three instruments wins the game.

To get points, you first have to tell the story of your character. Moderators will determine how many points you should be awarded for each story. If you follow the rules, expect about 10 points per post. If the mods agree that it’s a really great story, then you can receive a maximum of 20 points. You can choose to tell about just your character, but there are ways to get more points than that. If you have your character go on one of the quests mentioned in any of the books, you get more points (roughly 5). If you interact with other RPG characters (with their permission) by forming witch clans, bear armies, gallivespean spy partnerships, etc. or going on quests with them, your story is worth more points. (2 points for every character you involve).

Rules for posting:
  • Must be within reason (be creative, but don’t be absurd)
  • Limit yourself to one major event per post, and only one story post per day. Mods will delete extra posts if they see that you have already posted for the day.
  • Be decent… remember, younger viewers may see your posts
  • Always ask other players before bringing them into your stories.
  • Exhibit sportsmanship… win humbly and lose gracefully.

The RPG will officially launch on Saturday, July 6, 2002. You may sign up characters now by e-mailing Merlyn… be sure to include your character’s name, species, daemon’s name/species, and your e-mail address. (Remember, you may not use a character from the books in the first round). You may begin posting your story on the boards on the 6th. Please provide a backstory for your character on the character board (backstory is worth 5 points), while posting adventures on the adventures boards.

Visit the message boards here

You can view character stats here.

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