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Tracking the Trickster

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Northern Light

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This chart is a sort of clipboard for my research: an open notebook.
1 t1 e1 x1 tt1 u1 r1 ee1
2 t2 e2 x2 tt2 u2 r2 ee2
3 t3 e3 x3 tt3 u3 r3 ee3
4 t4 e4 x4 tt4 u4 r4 ee4
5 t5 e5 x5 tt5 u5 r5 ee5
6 t6 e6 x6 tt6 u6 r6 ee6
7 t7 e7 x7 tt7 u7 r7 ee7
8 t8 e8 x8 tt8 u8 r8 ee8
9 t9 e9 x9 tt9 u9 r9 ee9

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