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   Greetings, friends, family, and visitors, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
   This site is designed to allow anyone who knows God to share with Him, and with fellow Christians around the world, their praises and concerns. Why am I running such a site and how will it work? Keep reading to find out.
   Most of you should know by now who I am, as you had to make your way here from one of my other websites. What you may not know about me is that in my church I am what is known as a "prayer warrior".
   Take it from me, I am not what I would consider a "traditional" prayer warrior. I can't quote much scripture and I'm not exactly what you would call a public speaker. In fact, when the idea was suggested that I look into prayer as a form of ministry, I thought "yeah, right!"
   "Then a funny thing happened..." I borrowed a book from my church library called "Partnerships in Prayer" by John Maxwell. Now a lot of people have different opinions about John and that's fine. I've never met the man. What I do know is, the Lord spoke to me through the pages of that book, and my life has never been the same since.
   Prayer Works! I have seen it and experienced it myself. I have seen it pay bills, heal people physically and emotionally, save marriages, and change lives just for starters. It is one of the lasting gifts of Jesus' ministry. It is God's grace given voice. Prayer isn't just about kneeling in church or confessing your sins. It is your right and opportunity to speak one-on-one directly with God. It can be done in public or private, standing or sitting, in joy or in pain. As long as you remember that He already knows you and that He loves you and desires to bring you into a deeper personal relationship with Him, then you can't go wrong turning to Him.
   But there is a second part to prayer, it's the part where we listen for Him to talk to us. Prayer is not a one-sided conversation with an imaginary friend. It is real communication with a God that loves you enough to have given His one and only Son for the forgiveness of all of our sins. So do yourself a favor, whatever prayers you write in with, remember to listen for His answer. It may surprise you who or what he chooses to answer you with.
   Whether you use the e-mail link below or the guest book, feel free to write in with praises or concerns that you would wish to share with God's people. Remember to leave out any information too private to have posted on line. No vulgar, Satanic, or tasteless remarks, requests, or threats will be posted. It is our hope to have all prayers posted within a 48 hour period depending on the volume. We may need to keep this notice up and provide another site for actual prayer postings but in that event a link will be provided.

   May the Lord bless and keep you and His love and grace fill your house all your days.

   In His most holy & precious name,

   Christopher Todd Walsh

   Current Top 5 Prayer Concerns:

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