Date: Thanksgiving, 2005:

   Subject: Priority Message OZ-1:

Warning! This message is a communique from the Web Emancipation Bureau concerning Covert Operation codename: "Masquerade" If you are not interested in underground attempts by ordinary citizens to take back the World Wide Web for purposes of the free exchange of ideas or the inalienable right to have fun, please click the "back" button on your browser and step away.

Alert Message: Should you do decide to tour this site, you will find numerous links to other free pages and sites may be scattered about. Do Not Panic! All is Well! Do not attempt to adjust your mouse, we have taken control of your PC. If you wish to proceed to another site, simply press any link you desire on this page.

   COMWEB User Instruction #90-B:  If you are interested in joining the Bureau or learning about it's history, please remove any homing devices, fingerprints or metal fillings before continuing.

   Welcome, fellow web-slaves, to a new day of freedom! This unofficial web-ring is the effort of like-minded individuals, such as yourselves, to take back the web. For those who may be wondering just who our oppressors are, look no further than the following. Mr. William Gates, the head of a global conglomerate which claims ownership of all things PC. Mr. George W. Bush a.k.a. El Presidente Version 2.0. Mr. Richard Cheney, the true commander-in-chief of the the United States of the Assimilated. The I.R.S. or Illuminati Regime Soldiers, and the United Arab-American Emmirate a.k.a. the International Cartel of Oil Price Gouging.
   The W.E.B. began long ago in the era of Apple Computers in de basement of a man we know now only as "The Enlightened One." It was he who first observed that the "World Wide Web" was in fact the tool of a secret society of individuals who were seeking to use the new technology of home computers to enslave humanity. By addicting countless millions to programming languages, video graphics, porn for pay, and base commercialism, this group of shadowy world leaders undertook a decades long plan to make themselves the rich and powerful leaders of an ever weaker and poorer sub-class.
   Like all those who have found themselves bond-servants to greedy masters, the Enlightened One sought out others to share his message, that even an impure system like the web can be used to share the good news that we are not alone, that there exists something beyond the world of flesh and bone. We need not cowtow to our earthly masters.
   In ancient of days it was written that men should "obey their earthly masters as they would obey their Father in Heaven." If one overlooks the given, that this may have been written by a wealthy person or for their benefit, it is still possible to see that we are living in an imperfect system. For the same scriptures tells the master to treat the servant fairly and to provide what he needs for his tasks. What is never mentioned is charging the servant by the minute or for the new version update.
   In the country we call America we were given a lineage that was the best of two worlds. Our past lay in the misty shroud of a proud people. Ancient warriors who fought and melded with stronger warriors, who learned about the laws of man and of God from civilizations older than time. Until man took it upon himself to make new laws and set himself up as King and God over his fellows. So we sailed away to an unknown land that was savage and untamed.
   Upon arriving here, we fought our former captors for our right to forge for ourselves a new life. This life was symbolized in a singular document we call a "Constitution". Over two hundred and some odd years later, this singular document has been scrutinized, amended, criticized, misinterpreted and (in many cases) ignored outright. Our guarantees to live our life's secure in our persons, with freedom of religion and speech, has been made into a mockery. On one hand, the power-hungry (who control the distribution of goods)can hire persons with fancy letters after their names to interpret these once simple laws into some sort of formula which allows them to dictate life to the other 90 percent of the population. On the other hand, those in both classes are free to espouse the most foul forms of expression (satanism, unnatural sexual practices, drug use) under these laws. What never seems clear is that the minority 10 percent use this degrading image to back up their points, all the while profitting from it in some manner by legal means.    With the dawn and subsequent fading of the Reagan era, America joined Europe and the Soviet block in bidding a fond adieu to Communism in Russia. Some sixteen yeras later and it became apparent to the Enlightened One that true Socialism, the equal sharing of goods without any sect controlling the system or imposing pricing, might indeed be worth looking at as some sort of social and behavioral model. Now called the "Rodenberry" effect, the first venue for this new "free" quid-pro-quo system was the internet.
   The first few versions of the Roddenberry Matrix were dismal failures (see E-Bay, Amazon.Com,, and Man's inherent greed, traced back through Adam and present in every major advertising campaign of the modern era, would not allow for a simple, effective, but free model of e-trade.
   Finally the Enlightened One and His followers became known as the scourge of the system, Internet Pirates dubbed the Web Emancipation Bureau. Long years after His passing, the children of the Enlightened One have carried on His work through a number of Covert operations. The operation codenamed "Masquerade" began as an attempt to subvert so-called "free sites" which were invented to coerce users into buying more updated pay sites. By refusing to upgrade to premium sites while simultaneously multiplying in number, the agents of the Masquerade have launched a full-on stealth project to spread the Word that the WEB can be FREE for everyone!

   Since we are relatively new at this and our technology and funding are somewhat limited, we ask that you be patient with us. We're already on our third graphics option for this page but we think you'll agree it's an improvement over the original.

   Now available is the first of three sites under the "Internet Junkie" banner where you can learn about my interests and tastes in the pop-culture of everyday life. The first site is dedicated to the genre that is my first love, literature. Click "classics to comics" to see my list of the best of the best.

   To read about our faith journey or share prayer concerns try The Prayer Room or My Testimony Before Christ, a site that tells the story of how I came to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

   Maggie has kicked off her first website, an entry into her world from chemistry to cooking and family (the Martins and others) to fantasy, so check it out at the text link above.

   Until we meet again, please feel free to browse the lists & links below to get a feel for us and remember the real fighters are the free fighters. Long Live the Fighters!.

   May the grace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your house always.

   In His precious name,
Sir Christian and Lady Ellen, the Wizards of Blog, members of the Royal order and agents of COMWEB.

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