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Winners at the US Professional/CoreStates Championship

In 1982 and 1983 John Eustice was awarded the title of US Professional Road Champion as the top US finisher in the Criterium Championship held in Baltimore, Md. Since 1985 the title has gone to the top US finisher in the CoreStates Championship road race held in Philadelphia, Pa.
YEAR WINNER                     US CHAMPION
==== ========================   ============
2004 Francisco Ventoso, Spain   Fred Rodriguez
2003 Stefano Zanini, Italy      Mark McCormac
2002 Mark Walters, Canada       Chann McRae
2001 Fred Rodriguez, USA        Rodriguez
2000 Henk Vogels, Aus           Fred Rodriguez
1999 Jacob Piil, Denmark        Marty Jemison
1998 George Hincapie USA        Hincapie
1997 Massimiliano Lelli, Italy  Bart Bowen
1996 Eddy Gragus, USA           Gragus
1995 Norm Alvis, USA            Alvis
1994 Sean Yates, England        Steve Hegg
1993 Lance Armstrong, USA       Armstrong
1992 Bart Bowen, USA            Bowen
1991 Michel Zanoli, Holland     Davis Phinney
1990 Paolo Cimini, Italy        Kurt Stockton
1989 Greg Oravetz, USA          Oravetz
1988 Robert Gaggioli, Italy     Ron Kiefel
1987 Tom Schuler, USA           Schuler
1986 Thomas Prehn, USA          Prehn
1985 Eric Heiden, USA           Heiden

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