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Welcome to my Cryptozoology Web Page!!!>

The oceans are vast and deep. Creatures that you only dream about could exist in the deepest parts of the ocean

This is my web site of strange and rare animals of the deep. If you like this web site feel free to sign my guest book. If you have a web site simmilair to mine you can join my web ring also. Well have fun and enjoy.

For many centuries old sailors shared stories of a certain sea monster. This sea monster is known as the Gaint Squid. This monster exisits, but has never been studied while its alive. Many carcasses of the creature have washed up on shores all over the world. Two where once caught in a fishermens net, unfourtunatly they died. these monsters filled the sailors dreams with frights, for one of these creatures could eat a man.

The oarfish may be the creature that gave rise to the legends about "sea serpents". This long, skinny fish, with its strange-looking head covered in protrusions and reaching lengths perhaps as long as 15m, would certainly be more than enough to frighten the pants off a drunken sailor.

The Megalodon is a ancestor of the great white shark was the ruler of the seas 25 million to 1 million years ago. This gigantic shark is estimated to have measured 40 to 60 ft long. The average length of a great white shark is 15 ft and it's rare to see one near 20 ft long. The megalodon was thought to be long extinct. Two teeth of this shark have been dated are are said to be only 24,000 and 11,000 years old. 11,000 years is a short period of time when compared to the millions of years the animal was known to be alive, so it still could be possible that the species has survived to modern times. There have been a few sightings of giant sharks resembling the great white over the years. In 1918, some crayfish fisher man reported a shark that was about 115 ft long ate their bait. While they may have exaggerated the length, cutting their estimate in half still gives you a great white shark more than 2 times their normal length. They were also familiar with the local sea life and the great white shark so it's unlikely they confused species. There is also a few theories on how such a large shark could remain hidden all this time. Many cryptozoologists believe that the megalodon spends much of is time in very deep waters, perhaps feeding on giant squid like the sperm whale does.

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