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M1908 Brazilian Mauser

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Brazilian M1908 Mauser

.308 Win

This rifle started out as a 1908 Brazilian Mauser in 7mm. I was creating a rifle as a Christmas gift for my father in 1997. I started with a VG condition rifle that headspaces properly, but with some minor pitting on the front reciever ring and a cracked stock.

I turned it over to a local gunsmith, Jim Caudill, aka MauserMan, and waited for 3 months. To keep costs down I accepted parts that he had in stock for this. I took the barrel (Sako 25"), the safety and bases that he had in stock for a discount. I already had the stock I bought from a gunshow at $45 and the trigger I had found at a garage sale. The sling, swivels, spacers, & scope I added myself.

The rifle is a beauty to behold and a sweet shooter to boot. With French 7.62 NATO surplus, I can keep 1.25 MOA all day. Handloads promise to tighten the groups all day. Though the barrel is a bit longer than I like, it handles well and shoulders naturally.

Dad really likes it too! (Thanks for letting me photo graph it and shoot it every spring!)


1908 Brazilian M1908 Mauser from SOG

Butler Creek synthetic stock

Leopold Scope Base and Rings

.308 Sako Forester barrel, 25"

FN scope safety (left handed)

Quick release magazine catch

Sculpted bolt handle

Bluing and polishing

Timney Trigger (3.5 lb pull)

Simmons 4x metallic matte finish

Uncle Mikes Sling, Swivels and white spacers

Kolpin carrying case

Total Cost: $475..

20 Jan 2006 19:26