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Women are sluts and whores

Lately I have come to the conclusion that at least 90% of all women are sluts and/or whores. Chances are high that it is more likely than not that they are. Even women who are virgins partially are because they use it to their advantage to try and make themselves seem innocent even though they still use the fact that they are virgins to seduce men.

Women know that generally men are very easily turned on and diverted. Women use their sexuality on men constantly. They use it for their own pleasure, to get a man to like them, to get ahead in life, to get revenge on someone else, and for many many other reasons Iím sure. They have very little qualms about going down on a guy to get him to like her or to spite their exís. Women always make it seem like they are being put down by society. They are putting themselves down by being oblivious.

Of course they like to blame it on men, we let them and we like it. Well of course we do, itís fucking pleasure. Men live for the moment and generally donít think ahead, which is a fault but at least we know it exists. Men use the fact that women love giving sex for favors and the like to their complete advantage and women rarely notice it, if at all. How many stories have you heard about women in bad relationships? Thatís cuz the women hit on a guy, who was obviously an asshole cuz women dig that shit, and are surprised when he is using them. Well MAYBE if you didnít suck his cock to get him to like you in the first place, ya know there ARE other things you can do to get a guy to like you besides ride his one-eyed monster. Of course it is something guys like, but if that is all you can do to make the guy happy either youíre shallow or he is shallow.

One thing I donít understand, when a woman cheats with a guy when he already has a girlfriend. Why are they surprised when heís an ass? Donít they worry he will do the same thing and fuck them over? Obviously he didnít care about the other girl enough. Obviously you didnít care about him enough to think you may fuck his relationship up. Obviously he is an asshole if he has a girlfriend and you are swallowing his semen. Itís not THAT hard to figure out. Women tend to think only about themselves when it comes to getting a man for themselves.

You then also have the women who donít think they are sluts because they donít have sex all the time. Youíre a slut whether it includes oral sex, being felt up, or feeling others up. They all make you a slut. Donít try to change the word to make what you are doing normal. Telling a guy you donít have sex often is different than also mentioning while you donít have sex with random men often you like giving them blowjobs and letting them shove their grubby hands in your pussy. Donít lie and hide the facts. Tell the whole story so at least we know there is a chance we might want to murder you at a later point in time for not being able to control yourself.

Women are horny just as often as men are. Donít try to play it off like you arenít. Women love sex just as much and they want it just as much, they try to make themselves seem like queens when they arenít anything special.

Guys use woman all the time. Wanna know why? Cuz it is so simple. Women are all emotional so all it takes is a guy with no emotions to fuck up a female with emotions. Women are more than happy to jump into sex but rarely think about what they are doing.

Itís also retarded how women want COMPLETE sexual equality yet they still want to be treated specially. For example, women wanting to be equal with paychecks and all that stuff is fine and I support that. They want to be completely equal yet still want us to pay for them, buy them tons of gifts, and hold open their doors, its kinda lame. They want benefits of being equal and the benefits of being a woman which also distinguishes them and makes them not equal.

Stop blaming your problems on men.

Of course these are my opinions and if you donít agree chances are youíre a woman.


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