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Summary: *Henry Receives a letter from Boris - Boris writes about how he is dying and how he is happy that henry is living. He talks about ghoulish thing about commiting suicide. He talked about not wanting Henry to die in his hands - He didnt ask a single question about how henry was doing *Tania gets back from Russia, Sylvester stays behind. - Tania wants Henry to go back with her and they talk about possibilities. " - "And then he pretends to run a little errand so that we can pull off a fast one." - Henry and Tania go out at around five o'clock everyday; she'd take him to places he'd never been before and she'd pay for everything. - " Often like that, when she was talking to me, gushing about Russia, the future, love, and all that crap, I'd get to thinking about the mnost irrelevant things, about shining shoes or being a lavatory attendant particularly I suppose because it was so cosy in these joints.." - He talks about the bathrooms - "You can be brilliant sometimes, when you're drunk, but brilliance is out of place in the proofreading department." - Taken faults " Not and then I made some bad vlunders and if it werent that I had learned how to kiss the boss's ass, I would have been fired, thats certain." -Afraid of boss. - Says he begins to build a sorf of mild insanity *Dalmatia - silent empty peaceful -America would never enter mind, further than a lost continent because lost continents would have some sort of mysterious attachment, America he felt nothing at all. *Talks about "Mona" - If he thought about her for one minute it was enough to peirce the bone and marrow out of his contentment and showve him back into his wretched past -Seven years he thought about nothing but her. "When I realize that she is gone, perhaps gone forever, a great void opns up and I feel that I am falling, falling, falling into deep black space. And this is wore than tears, deeper than regret or pain or sorrow; it is the abyss into which Satan was plunged. There is no climbing back, no ray of light, no sound of human voice or human touch of hand." -Wonders if she'll ever be by his side again. He remembers everything, she remembers nothing. *Paris -Mona reads Strindberg - Strindberg went to paris too. - "I understood then why it is that Paris attracts the otrtured, the hallucinated, the great maniaces of love" "Here all boundaries fade away and the world reveals itself for the mad slaughterhouse that it is. -It is infinite, More eternal than Rome. *Walks down a street and hallucinates "just like Strindberg"-omens - "I saw my own blood being spilled, the muddy road stained with it, as far back as I could remember, from the very beginning doubtless.:" -He says he is alone in the world, the streets are his friends *Passes under the viaduct along the Rue Broca - Remembers He and Mona's moment -"I suddenly recalled that it was here in the squalor and gloom of this sunken street, terroized perhaps by a premonition of the futre, that Mona clng to me and with a quivering voice begged me to promise that I would never leave her, never, no matter what happened." -Few days later she left, says she is fake, fake smile, unnatural, he could do it to. - " matter how desperate my longing, there is an ocean between us; there she will stay and starve, and here I shall walk from one street to the next, the hot tears scalding my face." -"It is that sort of cruelty which is embedded in the streets" *Syphilis and cancer is everywhere. "I saw Copyright 2002 Chop Stick Racing Inc., Ltd
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