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Card Captor Sakura Role Playing Game



Thank you for visiting CCSRPG! This site is based on the anime Card Captor Sakura. The story is of a 10 year old girl named Sakura Kinomoto, who stumbles upon an old book found in her dad's library in her basement. Inside the book are these cards called "Clow Cards" which were made by a very, very, powerful wizard named Clow Reed. She reads the spell on a card named "Windy" and suddenly a gust of wind created by the card blow the cards up and out of the house, through the walls. The guardian beast of the seal, Keroberos, is woken up, and tells Sakura that she must capture the cards or a great tradgey will overtake the world! She meets up with my new people along her journey, and captures alot of cards.

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