A word from our sponsors(Me).... Ahem..My address to you, the people...

Okay, now I realize that a lot of people like Brintey Spears. Yes, I also consider the fact that I do NOT actually know Britney Spears. I know that it will ruffle some feathers to defane the name of the quite questionably virginal "Pop Princess".

I try, as best I can, to keep an open mind, and to respect what people have to say. However, If anyone can somehow justify behavior, such as that of, Miss Britney Spears, then I believe that my behavior, and my first amendment right (No, that's not the right to bare arms) should be exercised and justified as well.

Perhaps, if Britney Spears was so well known based on talent and merit, I would not have such a problem with her. But it is the mere fact that she is famous for something she is truly incapable of. I have never heard her sing live without the background music and singers drowning her out. I understand that it is immensely difficult to sing and dance at the same time [Although Michael and Janet Jackson have been doing it for years]. But, if you are a "singer" and you want to be famous for, keyword, "singing" then perhaps you should sing. I know, what a crazy idea. If dancing is obstructing your ability to sing, then perhaps you shouldn't dance. What a concept.

I wonder where Britney would be, if she actually had to write her own songs, if she couldn't cover up blunders with too much cheap mascara, and sexually driven "dance" moves. I'm guessing she would probably be working it in the "Live nudes: Boom boom room." She is a product, a gimmick, sex sells, and unfortunately society is corrupt, full of impotent politicians, and pre pubescent 13 year old boys, who's mother's canceled the Victoria's secret catalogs.

I could say so much more, but for now, this shall be it, ..

Au revoir, Heather