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-Hey Whats up - Here is Some Info bout Me- -I figured that everyone viewing this Site might- -wanna know who made it-

Hey-Everyone-My name is Justin-Im 14 and i own a 2001 400EX-I have been riding since i was 5 yrs old-I live in New York which is where i ride with my frineds-We ride on the gas lines and powerlines-We also ride on my mini Track and other peoples tracks-ONe of my best friends-Jory-owns a Mojave and he thinks it sucks but it still pretty cool and a good Jumper-My other friends Freddy owns a 300EX which he just got last year it is a '98 and has new handlebars-cause he rolled it down a hill-It was pretty cool thought- I Just learned some new tricks latly-I have been able to do a one footer and a no footer-And a no hander with or with out the no handed landing-I will have up some pics prolly in like 5 days so come back and check it out-