I've now had to divide these into three pages - now that they actually crashed my computer (just the sheer number, they're not buggy or anything!!!)

~ Page 1 - Backgrounds ~ Page 2 - Banners ~ Page 3 - Misc Little Things ~

If you use these please credit and link to me!! (It's a publicitiy thing, I guess.......) You can use the below banner if you want. And if you could see your way to signing the guestbook or sending me and e-mail to let me know you've taken some pics, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Pleasenote: Most of the backgrounds were made on my old computer... depending on the contrast and brightness of your screen some of them may look very... wrong as they now do on mine :( More recent stuff should be fine!

The banners:

OK, we have really old backgrounds here.....

Border backgrounds:

Jemima "Can you find your way blind...?"

Jemima- similar to the above.

Jemima - Classic picture!

Jem singing Memory

Jem again- a different "Memory" pic.

Eh... guess who? Jem standing and singing with lots of stars around her... pretty...

Jemima with more stars!

Jemima - at the end of The Addressing of Cats

Mungojerrie & Rumplteazer One of their memorable moments

Rumpelteazer doing a little dance....

Munkustrap face

Etcetera with a big smiley!

Etcetera again

Coricopat & Tantomile Just about their only famous pic...

Electra going Aaaa!

Electra (different pic)

Misto looking up and looking *very* sweet...

Misto in a blue diamond shape and for some reason looking a bit scared? See what you think....

Misto (when he's watching Victoria from his pipe)

A little different... A view of the rarer sides to Jem, Teazer and Etc.

"And that's how you address..." A few cats, inc. Old Deut, & the Jellicle Moon

Demeter - end of "Macavity" pose...

Cassandra dancing.

Alonzo dancing (not with Cassandra, I'm afraid...)

Tugger - That ridiculous gigglifiying smirk...

Old Deuteronomy - Addressing of Cats

OK... if you want clear instructions as to how to use borders, I'm not the person to ask! Basically though, you can either use BLOCKQUOTES, or tables- making 2 columns, one the width of the border (150 or maybe 200 pixels should usually do it.)

Other Backgrounds

Stars! Dark blue starry sky from the background of the vid- tiled.

CATS Wallpaper/Desktop picture 1 - Hehe........ an old very muddled pic of lots and lots of jellicles all over the page. Desktop wallpaper - I mean, you can use it on your website if you really want to, but you'd never be able read anything on it and it would take ages to load, so....