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on Saturday 01 April 2006

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Please Note the Following:



We have kindly been given DVDís with all the photographs taken at the Christchurch 2006 Investiture. These will sell for $15.00NZ which includes postage. ALL THE FUNDS will go to the Charitable Trust. To order your copy, either telephone or email Kevin. Thanks go to George Helon who spent the hours compiling these photos for this DVD which he has kindly donated to us to raise funds for the Charity. Thanks George.


Greetings to all in the Order of St. Stanislas,

Our Secretary/Marshal, Chev. Kevin D Couling Esquire, will keep us up to date with news of the Order in New Zealand and events that will command our attention in the months to come. I want to look back to the Investiture in Christchurch in April: to thank all who were part of that celebration: particularly those who traveled from the North Island. This was the second Investiture held in Christchurch, thanks to the efforts, primarily, of our South Island Commander and his able lieutenants. It was they who interested and encouraged those that were received into the Order. The ceremony was held at the Chapel of St. John of God with, as Celebrant, the Vicar-General of the Christchurch Diocese, Monsignor Gerard OíConnor.

The investiture was of special significance for the Order, marking as it did, the Tenth Anniversary of its establishment in New Zealand. It was particularly pleasing to have the company of Count Michael Subritzky-Kusza and members of his immediate family. The Subritzky-Kuszaís brought the Order to New Zealand and we were able to acknowledge their founding role during the ceremony and later at the dinner function.

Also in attendance were members of the Order of Mary of Zion and St. Lazarus. Itís always a pleasure to welcome members of other Orders of Chivalry. A reminder that if there are persons that belong to other Orders that you want to invite to our celebrations, please follow protocol and check first with the Secretary/Marshal, Chev. Kevin D Couling.

Just a note about attendance: I want to remind you that we are required to attend investitures: we are not able to opt out of this obligation. Having said that, I know there will be legitimate reasons why some cannot attend: time, distance and cost of travel will sometimes make it difficult. But, please remember that, if we are not able to attend official functions of the Order we are required to advise the Secretary/Marshal and send an apology. Our newly appointed Constable of the Order, Chev. Emmet Mitten, will assist the Secretary/Marshal and will, no doubt, keep a friendly eye on our observance of the Rules of the Order.

The Order of St. Stanislas continues its steady growth in New Zealand. We look to our confreres to help increase membership by identifying suitable candidates. Growth for growths sake is not what we are seeking: We seek people of integrity and good standing, who can make a positive contribution to the Order and society at large. If you are able to identify potential members for the Order, please contact the Secretary/Marshal and he will guide you through the process.

Warmest regards to you all,
Chev. Philip Sherry, JP, GCSt.S.pp
Grand Prior of New Zealand



Professor Chev. Bruce Ullirich, OBE, CSStS Bruce, who has business interests in China, in late march 2006 was awarded two (2), yes two Honorary Professorships by Chinese Universities.

The first was by Beijing Open University in association with the International Academy of Chinese Culture who, at a private ceremony, surprised him with the award of an Honorary Professorship. This award was a total surprise and unexpected by Bruce.

The second Professorship was by the Shanxi Medical College of Taiyuan (a city of 3.5 million) in Shanxi Province. He was awarded, along with a medical colleague from New Zealand, a Honorary Professorship at a ceremony which lasted for several days. Bruce is involved in a JV Company with the medical school to introduce IGT Care Centres for the treatment of diabetes in China.

Ed :Well done Bruce, I am sure all the members congratulate you on your new awards and for your outstanding contribution to the people of China.



Yes it is true and for real. The Grand Prior in discussion with the Prince Grand Master, has decided to appoint a Constable to the NZ Grand Priory. This was recommended by the NZ Grand Prior and the Marshal due to Emmett's considerable Police background.

At our last investiture in Christchurch, Chevalier Emmett Mitten OCStS, has been appointed to this position. He will work along side the Marshal, whoís office he is appointed under. The Constable will be responsible for discipline within the Order ranging from correct use of post nominals, wearing of insignia, the payment of Oblations, along with many other duties that he and the Marshal decide upon. This is a important Office and all members will be answerable to the Constable, who acts under the authority of the Grand Prior and the Marshal.

I ask that you all please note the Constables contact details :

Chevlaier Emmett Mitten, OBE, OCStS
Constable of the New Zealand Grand Priory
56 Westgrove Avenue
Christchurch 8042

Tel : 03 358 6387
Email : ej.mitten56@xtra.co.nz



To all our members, please note that the Lieutenant Grand Master, Chevalier Willy Doms GCStS, is arranging a visit to the Vatican to have an audience with His Holiness Pope Benedicate XVI in September 2007.

At this stage we do not have a confirmed date. However it appears that The Holy Father has agreed to hold a private audience with all members of the worldwide Order of St. Stanislas. It also appears that during this visit, an Investiture will also be held within the Vatican.

Our Coordinator for New Zealand members wishing to attend for this momentous event will be non other than our own Grand Prior, Chevalier Philip Sherry.


Tel : 07 5757 868
Email : philipsherry@clear.net.nz

We were, of course, planning to take a tour to Europe in 2008 to attend several Investitures. However since this event is planned, it has been decided to cancel that idea and instead, attend the visit to the Vatican. Depending on the dates and how this works, it is hoped that we will still be able to attend several Investitures in Austria at Castle Plankenstien, and maybe in Belgium then onto Poland to visit the Silver Tomb of St. Stanislas in Wawel Castle, in Krakow.

For those interested in attending this event, I would suggest that you register your interest with Chevalier Philip Sherry ASAP, and start saving. It is hoped that we will have confirmed dates and costs soon. It would be most wise if all our members travel together and have accommodations together. This is a once in a lifetime event for our members and the Order. There will be many hundreds of members from all over the world attending this event.



It is expected that upon your admittance to the Order, you will obtain a suitable Black Tie attire, to be worn at all formal events of the Order, including Investitures. This is worn if you do not have either National Dress or Military Uniform.

New and good second-hand suits can be obtained form reputable Gentlemenís attires, or suit-hire/rental centers, or even amateur theater groups. HOWEVER while in Christchurch, our Grand Prior, George Helon, and myself found a very good supplier of both Black Tie and White Tie attire. I would therefore suggest that you consider this business for such supplies, and mentioning you belong to The Order of St. Stanislas, you can obtain a 10% discount on all goods.

For our article regarding dress CLICK HERE


FROM 1st APRIL 2005 - 31st March 2006

Opening Balance $3,144.22
Oblations $525.00
Insignias $420.00
Investiture Income $1,915.00
Mantles $750.00
Mantle Badges $100.00
Passage Fees $981.00
Sundries $70.00
Books $150.00
Ties $90.00
Cards $80.00
Donations to Order $225.00
Bank Interest $21.97
..........TOTAL $8,472.19
Bank Account $2,939.62

Income $5,3127.97
Expeditures $5,532.57
LOSSES $204.60


Opening Balance $1,673.57
Donations $00.00
Donations from the Order of Saint Stanislas $00.00
Books Sold $00.00
Mantle Badges Sold $00.00
Mantles Sold $00.00
Bank Interest $41.64
..........TOTAL $1,715.21

Income $41.64
Expenditures $39.38
Total Profit $2.26

FROM 31st MARCH 2006 -

Investiture Costs $3,359.47
Christchurch Midyear Dinner $360.26
Insignias $589.58
Sundries $67.50
Photographs $46.20
Newsletter Photcopying $22.00
DVD Investitures $32.00
Stamps and Postage $47.03
Tolls $311.42
Passage Fees to U.K. $192.55
Mantle Badges $315.00
Purchase St Stanislas Books $181.00
RWT $8.56
Transfer to C/T Account $00.00
Closing Balance $2,939.62
..........TOTAL $8,472.19

NEW ZEALAND 1st April 2005 - 31st March 2006

NZTA Fees $39.38
Closing Balance $1,675.83


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