Elf Culture

The technology level of elfin tribes varies. Wolfriders and similar tribes are hunter-gatherers, while the Sun Folk, and Gliders are comfortably into the Bronze Age, due to the isolated nature of their existences and the metalshaping magic of several of the Gliders.

Due to their lack of forging abilities, elves should not expect to have metal blades or metal-tipped arrows or spears unless they got them from trolls, or unless they are from a tribe with metalshaping magic. Still, despite the lack of hard metals available to them, many elf tribes have developed weaponry unique to their cultures (e.g., the talon whips used by the Glider Chosen Eight). The Go-Backs have claim to the fine armor forged for them and the Wolfriders by Two-Edge during the Palace War; other elf tribes must make do with thick furs or leather hats and bracers to protect themselves.

Elves in most tribes can make music with simple pipes, flutes, and drums. The Glider, and Sun Folk elves have probably developed more complex instruments (such as harps), though quite probably nothing that could not be reasonably expected to exist in the equivalent time frame of Earth's history. Singing is similarly basic; few elf tribes if any have any conception of musical subtlety, though fine elfin musicians are not at all impossible (the comics speak of the "rare and subtle music of the Gliders").

Some tribes also tell stories via dance, and the Wolfriders have a gathering called a Howl wherein they share lore or honor tribesmembers or bond-wolves who have died. At their Howls, Wolfriders make use of dreamberries to enhance memory.

Like humans, elves are aware of the concept of "symbol-making", and the use of basic, stylized art to record lore. However, only the more sedentary elves tend to use their shaping magics or carving abilities to decorate their homes; nomadic elves are more prone to restrict decoration to their clothing. No elf tribe has invented writing, nor are they likely to due to elfin longevity and the traditions of passing down lore via speech and sending.

Elf tribes all share the same language, although individual groups may use different words for different concepts. For example, the Wolfriders use "turn of the seasons" to denote a year, but the Sun Folk simply use the word "year". Similar tribal differences can be found in the naming of seasons and of the cardinal directions ("east" and "west" versus "Sun-Goes-Up" and "Sun-Goes-Down"). The more advanced elfin tribes are more prone to use words familiar to the player, while the more primitive ones are more likely to use unique words and phrases.

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