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Ceremony Text

FML_Princess.India hey momma *S*>>>>>>

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ am here lil one...

Blood_Shade Jump on baby

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ now see lil one i didnt miss it after all....~S~

FML_Princess.India *S*

Queen Mikato hun take your place>

Queen_SkyAngel ye looks beutiful auntie india~S~

FML_Princess-Rementh Oooo.....Sissy pretty too

Queen_SkyAngel where

FML_Princess.India ty sky *S*

Queen Mikato you 2 ready??

Queen Mikato W/we are gathered this night to join two special people in a special relationship... the relationship that marriage brings.

Queen Mikato marriage is the outward symbolism of a deep love between two people who dedicate their lives to each other... and like the ring which symbolizes marriage... the love between these two is all encompass

Queen Mikato never ending

Queen Mikato it's been said that in this world W/we are lucky to have an exact opposite... some one W/we are fated to love and hold and honor... these two people have met that fate... they found each other

Queen Mikato Who give this woman to this man ??

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ i shall give her to him...

Queen Mikato ~S~

Queen_SkyAngel (Cry)

Queen Mikato being given unto this cerimony and both coming to it of their own free will and abiding love...

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ ~tissue in hand~

Queen Mikato Do the bride and groom have vows they wish to say??

Blood_Shade *fights back the tears*

Blood_Shade Aye i do

Queen Mikato Blood turn to your lady and say your vows of love

Blood_Shade *Turns and looks into yer eyes, wipes the tears from my eyes*

Blood_Shade India, I love you with all my heart and soul, you are my soul mate, my best friend and my lover, From the moment i met you, I knew you were for me, The only one for me

Blood_Shade And i offer to you, everything i have to give, my heart my soul, my entire being

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ ~sniffling as the tears stream down her face~

Blood_Shade I promise to be faithful and honest and loving to you no matter what may happen*

Queen Mikato India.. please turn to thy man and give thy pledges of love

Queen Mikato ~looks at son in law~ smiles

FML_Princess.India I have searched for that
special person all my life and now that I have found you I will never let you go. You make my life complete, my heart whole again, and the love you have for me is equally shared. I feel lost without you by my side, but when you are away I think about you,

FML_Princess.India and when you come back to me I cherish every moment we spend together even though sometimes I don't say a word but remember I love you just the same. So with this being said you will never have to worry about where things stand between us. Because I give my heart, body, and soul to you along with my love, loyalty, and respect.....I love you baby *S*

Queen Mikato let these pledges given of love and witnessed by all assembled here signify the willingness of these two to give their lives to one another

FML_Princess-Rementh ~wipes tears away~

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ ~weeping~

Queen Mikato we look and hope to find that person who completes O/our souls... who is the other half of O/our being

Queen Mikato and to show the world and O/ourselves of this relationship... a ring is worn as a symbol

Queen Mikato Blood.. please place the ring on India's finger and repeat after Me

Blood_Shade *slides the ring into your finger, and similes*

FML_Princess.India *S*

Queen Mikato With this ring I, Blood, do hereby take you India to be My wedded wife, to love honor and cherish until death do us part.

Blood_Shade With this ring I, Blood, do hereby take you India to be My wedded wife, to love honor and cherish until death do us part.

Queen Mikato India... please place your ring on Blood's finger and repeat after Me

FML_Princess.India *places the ring on his finger*

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ ~watching her lil one's eyes sparkle~

Queen Mikato With this ring I, India, do hereby take you Blood to be My wedded husband, to love honor and cherish until death do us

FML_Princess.India With this ring I, India, do hereby take you Blood to be My wedded husband, to love honor and cherish until death do us

Queen Mikato a ring is a perfect symbol for a marriage... it's a circle without end... the same as the love these two have pledged to each other

Queen Mikato with all this being said... and thy pledges given and accepted.... it is My pleasure and honor to now pronounce you

Queen Mikato man and wife

Queen Mikato you may kiss the bride

Blood_Shade > (~Long, wet, passionate kiss, with lots of tongue...... ~)

Queen_SkyAngel Congrats Auntie India and Blood~s~hugss

Queen Mikato ladies and gentlemen... I present Blood and India... husband and wife!!!!

xXxFAMINExXx Congrats India and Blood~s~hugss

Blood_Shade Thank you


FML_Princess.India heheee

Queen Mikato Congrats sis and new bro in law


Queen Mikato huGGz

Blood_Shade *bows gracefully to all thoes in attendance*

FML_Princess.India ty

Queen Mikato love you both

Queen Mikato ~S~

FML_Princess.India hugsss ty sissy^^

Blood_Shade As i love you all

xXxFAMINExXx if yall will wxcuse me one sec i brb

Queen Mikato kkz

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ ~wiping her tears~

Blood_Shade alright
ueen Mikato well i hope mom and dad wont be too mad at me for doing this

Queen Mikato lolz

FML_Princess.India lol

Blood_Shade I hope not

Queen Mikato oh well you are married now

Zzz_Silent_Raven_zzZ you did a wonderful ceremony Queen Mikato

Queen Mikato that is all that matters

Queen Mikato ~S~ ty M'Lady>

Blood_Shade Thank you very much Passion, Im am in your debt

Queen Mikato ~S~ tis no problem i just wnt my sister to be very happy as i am

Blood_Shade I will do my best to make her happy

Queen Mikato ~S~ i do hope you do

FML_Princess.India *S*

Queen Mikato so where the party at

Queen Mikato lmao

FML_Princess.India lol

Blood_Shade Um, i dont know yet

Blood_Shade Let me think

Queen Mikato lolz

Queen Mikato Greetings Niece Jewels

Princess_Jewels_ hi auntie hugzzzzzzzzz

Queen Mikato huGGz hun

Blood_Shade Greetings Jewels

Princess_Jewels_ congrates aunite india

Queen_SkyAngel >hugssssssssssss pinches cheeks

FML_Princess.India ty jewels

Queen Mikato giggleZ

Princess_Jewels_ *giggles*

Princess_Jewels_ yw

Queen Mikato <<<< huggz>>>>