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The Agnostic Light Temple

Reverends Troy & Rachel Hartman
Agnostic Light Ministers
Welcome to the Agnostic LIght Temple
Promoting freedom of thought through soverignty of the mind
Blind beliefs will get you nowhere, truth is the only path to enlightenment.
You are free to email us any questions, comments, or condemnations, we are here to provide free counsel to you if you need guidance.
We would like to hear your stories about how you were raised to have faith in a certain religion and discovered that it may not be the 'true' path.
We do not claim to have the true path, that would be a lie. Anybody who claims that they know what happens to the consciousness after you die is misguided in their beliefs, because we will never know what lies beyond this material plane, until we experience it for ourselves. (MEMBER STORIES COMING SOON!)

Agnosticism is not necesaarily Atheism. Our doctrine is that you cannot know what happens after death until you experience it yourself. We do not condem other religions, because they may or may not be right. They only have faith that they are the 'true' religion. Most religious followers are exactly that; followers. They follow blindly, hoping that someday they will go to 'heaven' or something like that, it gives them hope and direction that most of them are not able to give themselves.
They are not allowed to question their religion, because if they did, they would find to many inaccuracies and hippocracies embedded in their faith. For example, most Christians know very little about the atrocities of the Crusades and The Inquisitions because they refuse to think that their faith was involved in such atrocities 'in the name of god'. In Christianity, it is a sin to question. Some recorded instances are interrogation of suspected 'witches' by ripping their fetuses from their wombs, and stomping on the child's head, telling the bound woman that she did that to her child by not confessing to being a witch. Another one I found quite disturbing was a case in which a small child was roasted alive over an open flame until the mother, father, and brothers would confess to heresy and suffer the same fate.
I recommend the books below for reading for those who would like to know more about the Crusades and Inquisitions:
The History of Witchcraft and Demonology by Montaque Summers
The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
The Spanish Inquisition : A Historical Revision by Henry Kamen
The Heretic : 15th century church Persecution of Jews by Lewis Weinstein
Spanish Inquisition by Cecil Roth