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More Agnosticism Sites

Agnosticism is a rationalist approach to the philosophy of creation and theology. We simply cannot know what exists beyond this realm of consciousness. Those who make assumptions and claim to know what lies beyond the grave are doing only that-making assumptions. And if it makes people feel better about death, and it does not hurt anyone, then let them live with their false hopes and ignorance. I have no sympathy for people that refuse to think for themselves. I some times feel guilty for making religious people think outside of their little reality, it's kind of like Plato's Allegory of The Cave, most of them are not ready to know the real world. Here are some sites I know you will enjoy!


H.J Blackham is a famous agnostic from the 19th century. His work is profound, mostly because in that time, agnostics were considered outcasts and deviants.
Robert Ingersoll's essay is a fantastic depiction of agnosticism and questioning what is reality
This site is The Massachusetts Institute of Agnosticism, Atheism, and Humanism. The rationalist thinker's religions. It is very thorough.
This site has a very thorough evaluation of agnosticism. It contains the agnostic bible. Though not complete, it gives a very in-depth analysis of Realist Ideals.
Universal Church of The Apathetic Agnostic
Universal Church of The Apathetic Agnostic, same site, different server
The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has exerpts from Dan Barker's book Losing Faith In Faith, quite a liberating experience! Also has many good discussions on Agnosticism and all that good stuff!
The Church of Satan (OK it's not agnostic, but it IS interesting), very interesting if you like to see what Satan worshipers do in their spare time. interesting...give it a chance, it actually makes sense! Although Anton LaVey was the Dork of Darkness (He died in 1996, so it's not as bad now, but still prety cheesy)
These guys are Bad-Assed Atheists With An Attitude, they're really good at Xtian bashing and fun, offensive humor, after all it's not funny unless someone is offended ;)

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