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Ministerial Application for The Agnostic Light Temple International Ministry

Please enter the following in your email correspondence with MINISTER APPLICATION in the subject line, and we will reply as soon as possible. We are an affiliate of the Universal Life Church, therefore, all Ministers of the Agnostic Light Temple are legally ordained in all 50 states. In some states, you may require a letter of good standing from our church in order to perform weddings, funerals, etc. Check with your local laws to see if it is required. We will be happy to comply with your state laws and send you such letter, but ONLY if you require it, because it takes time to acquire.

The Agnostic Light Temple is dedicated to freedom of thought through soverignty of the mind. If you agree to this philisophy, you are already Agnostic, and your application will be approved. Other religions have doctrines and rules, our only suggestion is that you should enjoy life because it's to short. Life should not be about fear of what will happen to you after it ends, but enjoying earthly pleasures while you still can. And if there is a god, and he/she IS all-knowing, and if he's not a fascist, he will understand. But, if 'god' IS a fascist and hates you because you did not go to church every Sunday and fear him/her for your entire life, then you really don't want to live with him/her anyway. Sure, religion gives people values, but those values are basic human conscience. For instance, do not kill, do not infringe on other's rights, do not lie/cheat, etc. Are all common sense, and if you are not a dumb-ass, then you should abide by these basic principles of humanity. The Agnostic Light Temple is NOT responsible for misuse of ministerial status, and we DO NOT allow sacrifices - sorry, it's just to cover our asses. That's just about all we care about, is that you believe what is best for you, because you are the only person who knows what is right for you, not the mindless drones who flock to church every Sunday, Thursday, Saturday, or whatever because they are to afraid to question the answers. All we require of you is that you truly BELIEVE in yourself, as long as it does not infringe on other's rights, or hurt others (EX. No Nazis, White Supremacists, or Rascist People may join our temple because they hate people just because of their melanin) That's just stupid, it's ok to hate individuals if they did something bad to you or people close to you, but you cannot judge a person you do not know. You can still believe in Jesus, Satan, etc. and be a minister of the ALT as long as you accept the fact that what happens after we leave this material plane of existence is uncertain, there has been no known evidence in the entire history of this universe to prove or disprove the existence of a god or gods. For all we know, Zeus can be the 'true' god! Thanks for your interest, you can also send questions, praise, or condemnation to our temple e-mail below. We are open-minded, and willing to answer any questions you may have about your religion, our religion, or anything philisophical or theological, or if you just want to know something in particular. Thanks for your feedback!