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Daniel Reale

District 2 Libertarian Candidate for Congress


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  • Enough Is Enough!

    The Sane Policy of Apportioning Taxes Will -

    1) remove at least $300 billion in compliance costs borne by the economy at large.
    2) force Congress to completely estimate costs and budget items every two years instead of treating taxpayers as an unlimited ATM.
    3) remove the primary means for lobbyists to receive taxbreaks or destroy their competition.
    4) allow people to keep their earnings, and make sure the vast majority of Americans aren't giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan every year.
    5) enable price discovery in agriculture, education, healthcare and a variety of other areas, prices of these being out of control because the tax code subsidizes them.
    6) create an environment where business can return.
    7) allow each state to decide how the money will be collected.
    8) get government out of the social engineering business.

    We are Taxed Enough Already (TEA). That's a fact. It has been a fact for more than 50 years. That's why we no longer work to live but live to work if and when we can, if there is work available. That's why Connecticut has been hemorrhaging jobs, without fail, since 1990.

    The purpose of taxation is to fund government. It is not to promote or create a disincentive for a particular group or activity. It is not about fair shares, penalties, progressivism, wealth redistribution, or deductives, credits, and incentives because large companies don't like competition.

    The things your taxes are to pay for are specifically outlined in the Constitution of your nation, the constitution of your state and the charter of your town.

    Any tax to pay for anything outside of those parameters is an unjust tax; it is theft. We in the second district have failed to assert a zero tolerance no theft policy. That's long overdue.

    Every tax should be directly associated with what it pays for. If the Constitution calls for a regulation on widgets, widgets should be taxed. Your labor should not be taxed so Washington can have a slush fund to do with whatever it pleases. Medicare and Social Security taxes should not be used for anything other than Medicare and Social Security, but the truth is that they are.

    There should be no tax on your labor, period. The idea that there should or that it's fair has created $300 billion in compliance costs every year, a cost you pay in lost time, reduced wages and higher prices for everything. We had a better system when taxes were apportioned among the states, one without rent seeking middlemen lurking around every purchase made.

    Today, most Americans lose a third of their earnings to federal taxes. In Connecticut, they lose six percent to state income taxes. They lose money to local taxes. After inflation, half or more is lost directly or indirectly in higher prices.

    The time you take to comply with every regulation and permit is also a tax. The time you take to figure out how to make ends meet while keeping up with this flawed creation of the two party system is a tax. I cannot ask you to reach into your pocket and pull out five minutes of your time, the most precious thing Congress effectively taxes to death. Democratic and Republican time pirates will, and they will ask for more; never will it be enough.

    We have no reason to say we have more to show for than what we've paid. We have every reason to say we've been scammed. We'd give someone a strange look if they said, "Choose to be looted, because it's the most likely outcome". Yet, we haven't with Democrats and Republicans.

    The Constitution prescribes that taxes shall only last two years, then they must be renewed. The Constitution also prescribes the very things taxes are to be levied to pay for. Taxes will not be reasonable until we follow the Constitution.

    People like Joe Courtney and the Republicans will talk about all the programs they support and assert that they are in the Constitution. They will say that the courts have ruled them to be constitutional. However, no court can rule that you are a six foot tall purple rabbit and make it so. It's written in the Constitution or it isn't. Letting Democrats and Republicans decide what's in the Constitution because it happens to be convenient increases your taxes.

    Taxes will not be reasonable until Washington is out of the social engineering business. Because of the special interests Democrats and Republicans need to thrive within the two party system while "bringing home the bacon", you can never expect to be taxed too much under their control. When they do bring home the bacon, know that they stole it from you first. And every time they spend more than we have, that's a tax in and of itself.

    90+ years of voting Democrat or Republican has failed to reduce taxes and balance budgets. I can say that because I include everything they've promised, including Medicare and Social Security. In fact, it's a pipedream to believe that we'd ever cut taxes or spending by voting for either major party. 90+ years of history inform us that neither major party is designed to cut taxes, cut spending or reduce public burden in any meaningful or long term way. But the Libertarian party is designed to do these things, and it has done these things when state and local voters put their foot down.

    I will put the federal government back in its box, settle the obligations created by going outside of that box and get your taxes back within a reasonable level. I want you, your home, your business, your family and your rights to be back under your control.