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Daniel Reale

District 2 Libertarian Candidate for Congress


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    A Statement on the Government Shutdown and Boehner's Half Measures
    (April 8, 2011) Boehner is a fraud on this one and has wasted zero opportunities for political grandstanding. A friend will tell you what you don't want to hear and quite frankly need to hear no matter how bad it sounds. I am about to be your best friend. All he did was structure the debate in his favor in such a way that the GOP wouldn't actually have to do anything, which is what $60 billion in discretionary cuts is - not doing anything. That's peanuts compared to ballooning entitlements. Bachman's part of the problem, too. So is Palin. So is Paul Ryan. If you're not calling for at least $500 billion in cuts this year, you either have no idea how big the problem is or you just don't care. In Boehner's case, he definitely doesn't care and he doesn't want the gravy train stopped. And no, he's not defending all Americans. He's defending a gravy train that will go off the rails. As nicely as I can put it, he's a four star general in the Free Stuff Army. While I can't call everything 100%, I can gaurantee that anyone who wages war on math and physics will lose. Anyone who honestly thought that electing Republicans in and of itself would actually stop us from spending beyond our means needs their head examined. That may not sound nice, but it's the truth. We've seen this game before and know exactly how it works. The only way you could ever make the Republicans actually do small government things is to join the Libertarian Party, and even then it may be a stretch because you've given the GOP the wrong idea for far too long. If Mitt Romney is still even floating around as an option, it's going to take a good 20 years to convince this group that what they're doing is wrong. And you don't have 20 years. The old Hank Paulson money and the neocons are going down with the ship. What you need is an organization that's already there and ready to shut insane spending down, full stop. Vote with your feet already, or at least if you're not going to, start looking at what they do instead of what they say. ______________________________________________________

    Joe Courtney is on the job...

    In 2011:

    And in 2010:


    Upcomming Events:

    On April 15th at Noon, Dan Reale will be attending the Tax Day Tea Party Rally in Hartford, CT.

    On April 19th at 6PM, Dan Reale will be attending a forum hosted by the Hartford Votes Coalition to discuss the Libertarian Party, why it formed and its philosophy.

    On April 28th/29th, Dan Reale will be in Bethel, CT, taping four different television appearances that will discuss the Libertarian Party of Connecticut's annual convention, the war in Libya and the campaign.

    On May 7th, 12-10PM Dan Reale will preside of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut's annual convention in New London as its chair. Attendees should register at www.lpct.org/Events.html. Speakers will include former presidential candidate Michael Badnarik. The Libertarian Party of Connecticut will also be forming chapters for Windham, New London and Tolland County at the convention.


    A Statement on Libya and Joe Courtney's Refusal to Do His Job
    (March 20, 2011)

    As you may know, President Obama has decided to attack Libya, a nation that poses no direct threat to the United States. Moreover, Article 1, Section 8 gives Congress the sole authority to declare and initiate war. President Obama, like those before him, has again usurped that authority.

    We have already seen what decades of police actions around the world lead to. Specifically, they only mean we return later on, foot most of the bill and of course waste lives and resources without a clear objective. Here we have hope and change doing the same thing all over again.

    Essentially, we accept the idea of an executive run amuck attempting to make the world into his own image should we not impeach President Obama. We now have President Obama in office and acting in the same specific ways exactly because we did not impeach President Bush - something Congressman Joe Courtney considered too divisive during an election season. Moreover, Courtney was part of the Democratic crowd required to give President Bush far more nation building and excessive spending than even he had asked for.

    It is not only my intention to fire Joe Courtney in 2012. It is also my intention that President Obama be impeached by Congress and tried in the Senate should he remain in office. Aside from getting who has the authority to declare war wrong, Obama has also engaged in the same type of actions Bush has, all impeachable.

    The only difference, of course, is that Obama has done it on a larger scale. Like Bush, it's far worse than simply lying about an extramarital affair under oath. And it's not as if I don't believe that Clinton shouldn't have been impeached - it's just that Congress also had plenty of constitutional violations to work with there as well.

    While some may see this as extreme or perhaps too high of a standard, my reply is that currently, you have no standard of any kind in the executive. You haven't for quite some time. That particular failure rests on Congress, and in Congress, I mean to remedy the situation.

    There are many areas where compromise is warranted, but the Constitution is not one of them. It is not a perfect standard, but, as chance would have it, it's the standard we claim to use. So let us use it.

    For Joe Courtney's failure to understand the situation, more than twice now, he should be fired, and if Connecticut had a mechanism for recall, recalled. If you remember, Joe Courtney was in fact elected because Rob Simmons allowed President Bush to do the same exact thing. For this reason, Joe Courtney should either resign right now or earn his pay by starting the process of impeachment.

    There should be zero U.S. involvement in attacking Libya, period. And no, handing it over to NATO, the U.N. or any organization where we foot any of the bill or supply at least one actual person to carry the attack out doesn't count. This sort of nonsense needs to end yesterday.

    In Liberty,

    Dan Reale


    I'm Open to the Republican Nomination

    Plainfield, CT (2/22/11) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "I've been hearing rumors that the Republican Party wants to defeat Congressman Joe Courtney in 2012. Other rumors include that the Republican Party supports the Constitution. I'm hearing all sorts of wonderful things about how the GOP actually wants smaller government - though I'm not seeing it in any meaningful sense in Congress right now. You can't merely slow spending increases down and claim a "cut" in any meaningful sense of the word. I'll say that because it's the truth, and there's no reason to celebrate aimless posturing."

    "If the Republican Party in the Second District truly wants a federal government within the parameters of the Constitution and they want there to be a point in defeating Joe Courtney, I won't say no to their support."

    Read More


    A New Senate Candidate for 2012

    Plainfield, CT (2/19/11) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "As some of you are aware, Mr. Paul Passarelli has met with myself and others on the Libertarian Party of Connecticut's State Central Committee. He expressed his interest in seeking the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate. Paul is an engineer and the president of Solar and Thermal, Inc. Paul has been a registered Republican since he was 18, but he thinks it's time to make the switch because the GOP has failed to deliver in terms of smaller government."

    "I am pleased that more citizens, not career politicians, are stepping up to the plate – and early this time. We live in extraordinary times that require honesty about what we can't do and must do along with the critical thinking skills required to address the problems we face. These problems include a Ponzi entitlement system threatening us with national bankruptcy, an overextended world policing operation and a labyrinthine tax code that punishes work and the poorest the most."

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    Dan Reale: "Yet Another Mistatement of the Union Address"

    Plainfield, CT (1/25/11) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following response to the State of the Union Address -

    "As has been my practice in the last three years, I respond to the State of the Union (SOTU) Address given by the President of the United States. I will first dispense with remarks by the media, including C-SPAN. Then I will dispose with President Obma's remarks, followed by Representative Paul Ryan's response and Representative Michele Bachmann's response. In conclusion, I will put forward my own comments – what should be done and why it needs to be done."

    "As to my commentary, one thing needs to be said now. If Obama wanted to go into any meaningful detail, tonight was the time to do it. He could have taken three hours if he wanted to. The world was listening and would have kept listening."

    Read More

    Dan Reale: "We Will Restore Liberty"

    Plainfield, CT (1/8/11) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "I'd like to thank those who have supported me in bringing the message of liberty to the Second District and bringing us closer to freedom in our time. We can no longer wait for the Republican reinforcements that will never come to restore the Constitution. The fact is that we are the reinforcements."

    "If you quit, you fail. If you fail to imagine or conceive that success is possible, you fail. Failure is not an option. We must know that we can succeed and that eventually, we will. No matter the crisis or misfortune, we will rise to meet it. We will find a way. For our part, there isn't another option."

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    Important: If You Cast a Write In Vote, We Need an Affidavit

    We have recieved a high volume of complaints from voters stating that their write-in votes were not counted.

    For this reason, we are asking everyone who did cast a write-in vote in the second district (regardless of the candidate they voted for) to email campaignevents@realedealforcongress.com. After you send an email, you'll receive further instruction on where to send your affadavit.

    If this is the case, you're also advised to contact the State Elections Enforcement Commission.


    This is "it"... Now It's Time to Make Your Mark for Liberty

    This is an important message for all of you. It's for your friends, your family, your neighbors, the random passerby you meet at the post office – all of you. There’s a few things you ought to know.

    I've been talking with a lot of you about your problems in the last three years. There's not much I can do more about that today. I've done everything I can with everything that I've had. None of these problems are going to be fixed in a day, or a week, or a year. But we're already on our way to doing that – it's all or nothing at this point.

    We’ve had the chance to eat around the edges to make small but temporary gains and use the conventional wisdom for what little it meant. But that doesn't work anymore. That holds us back.

    We know it. Both major parties know it. Things won’t be the same whether we like it or not. So here we are.

    Despite all the discussion we've heard from a variety of campaigns throughout this election season from both major parties concerning God, guns and gays, something is missing – "it" is not being discussed. You've all heard about corporate money, clubbed seals and closed manufacturing plants in Georgia. That's not "it" – neither are steroids in baseball or sex ads on Craigslist.

    So what is "it"?. "It" is a complete breakdown of all semblance of justice, constitutional order and liberty. "It" doesn't care what your religion is, what your party affiliation happens to be or how much money you have. Regardless of how any of us may feel, "it" was the mistake of disregarding the Constitution for immediate concerns, good and bad; that mistake was knowingly made by the best minds a two party establishment could pay for. I will not vote for "it", and I will run against "it" until the very end.

    I know that some of you just became aware of "it" in the last two years – glad to have you. Others saw "it" longer before that, and we decided to forgo our own time on this Earth doing the things we enjoyed, spending time with our families, taking the easy road on this. Some of us got into this as part of a specific issue or cause.

    Some of us thought it would be fun. Some of us just loved to argue and throw some new ideas around. Some of us just did it because we were more afraid of what would happen should no one have stepped up - and rightly so.

    Many will be content to argue odds and conventional norms. Others understand what ought to be and the need to make it happen. That's no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. Thanks to people who understood that, we can vote. Thanks to those people who decided to take on what was the world’s most powerful army – without shoes or food in many cases – we have due process.

    They made a write-in campaign look easy. They made everyone voting for Republicans solely because they're afraid of Democrats look like cowards, the very people who are asking the wrong question. The question is not how we defeat Democrats. The question is just how much we can be separated from our constitutional form of government, our life, our liberty and our property rights before we say, "No more – not on my watch".

    In the end we decided to forego, willingly, tens of thousands in our own personal funds and potential earnings. And in that end, we wish that there was but another second or another penny we could give to support this fight.

    The line in the sand was drawn. I have no plans to redraw that line somewhere further back, which is what both major parties would have all of us do. That's all there is to it.

    For my part, I have no regrets about that. Some of you may wonder why.

    Here's the situation. We all know what the "it" spoken of does.

    We're talking about a system that thinks itself capable of seizing your property and money by royal decree without a hearing, evidence, probable cause or a trial.

    We're talking about a system that will lock you up for driving a vehicle without papers and without a trial, but is just as equally willing to let a bank break into and steal your home without a valid claim. And that system won’t stop at paying the bank to do it with your money and purchasing power.

    We are talking about, under both major parties, a system that assumes itself right in taking from your retirement and healthcare choices to make the same for you – without your input.

    "It" steals pension funds, dilutes retirement savings and deliberately manipulates CPI data so those who unwittingly trusted "it" stay retired in poverty. "It" also pays farmers to destroy or not grow food in a country where 30 million don’t know where their next meal will come from.

    "It" also doesn't have a problem with doubling the monetary base of this country in less than a decade to bail out criminal enterprise. Everyone who bought their own groceries or pumped their own gas in the last 20 years knows that's a big problem. Those who want us to vote party line no matter what clearly don’t think it's a problem – even when it hurts them the most. Overall, in no way has taking this approach made them better off in the last 60 years – not once.

    If Joe Courtney or Janet Peckinpaugh truly had a problem with any of this, they would have fought much harder and opposed "it" at every turn from the very beginning – doing so before election and acquiring an understanding of the Constitution before throwing their hats in the ring. They would have made every attempt to even assert your right to defend your rights at all times on all the issues no matter who you are. Neither of them have.

    It's a fact that even they can't argue with. Don't waste another vote on them.

    But before we can even talk about the detailed solutions, which I have, or how to use our court system, which I've also talked about, one thing comes first. You have to withdraw your consent. You have to oppose blatant disregard for individual liberty under any party label no matter what. You have to say, "I want a guarantee under penalty of perjury" and mean it. You can do all of that by having your friends and family write in "Daniel Reale" for Congress.

    I'm not perfect, but I do understand what has to be done.

    I want all of you to have liberty and the Constitution protecting that liberty honored - no matter what party you belong to, no matter how much you agree or disagree.

    You all have value. Your support in reestablishing that value is needed. The only things left you have to do this cycle are to forward this message now, and on Tuesday, fill in the bubble next to the blank write in space for Congress, then write in "Daniel Reale".

    Court Uses Inadmissible Evidence, Lack of Procedure at SOTS Admitted to Under Oath

    Hartford, CT (10/21/10) - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale appeared today before Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Eveleigh, who accepted briefs and evidence in support of Reale’s petition. Reale sought to be placed back on the ballot and a complete audit of the Secretary of State’s Office’s (SOTS) security and record protocols related to elections.

    The court ordered all stipulations of fact to be filed by Monday, Oct 18th at 5PM. The defense did not file their assertions of fact until Tuesday, Oct 19th. The court denied Reale’s motion to strike.

    Issues with the voter database were not disputed at the hearing. Specifically, the defense did not challenge the facts that a fake voter was identified and that someone within SOTS made unlawful alterations to the voter database itself.

    The witness from SOTS, under oath, admitted that he had no idea of how many petition pages had passed through his office. He admitted that the storage cabinet for the petition pages was unsecured, and that it was impossible for him to know for certain that no one had unauthorized access to it. The state’s witness also admitted that SOTS had no specific procedure for handling petition pages.

    The argument was once again made that it was impossible to change the voting machine chipsets in time for the election. The state’s expert witness admitted that he has no prior training in electronics, programming or a similar field, making it impossible for him to know this.

    Despite proving the above facts, Reale’s petition was denied. When asked why, he said, “It really goes to the incorrect admission of evidence and most likely, the voting machine argument. This has been a standard tool to deny due process. I made it known to the court that the state has used this approach before, and effectively forced a decision between playing 52-pick up with petition pages or preparing a legal challenge.”

    "Last time, even with counsel, playing 52-pick up made sure we couldn’t get an actual court date until October 23rd. This time, without a formal trial or counsel and specifically focusing on a legal challenge, we were only able to get an appearance two days earlier. For next time, the best we can do is focus on getting everything in earlier so there’s enough time."

    "For now" Reale said, "people can still vote for a candidate who’s committed to his promises under penalty of perjury and has a record of fighting until the very end from the very beginning. This is the only approach that will get our country back on track. You will have to write that option in, but it's certainly there. Major party candidates who join or quit when it's most convenient can never accomplish the task at hand. "


    Reale to Pursue Legal Action Against Secretary of State’s Office

    Plainfield, CT (10/6/10) Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "First, I’d like to thank everyone who chipped in so we can file important litigation against the Secretary of State. Without your help and support, it would have been impossible to pursue serious issues concerning ballot access, missing documentation and voter registration. Now that the complaint has been finalized, we can go forward and start discussing these issues in detail."

    "Tomorrow, I will be filing a complaint in Hartford superior court seeking injunctive relief to resolve serious issues with elections records and an unfortunate complication with our ballot status. The Secretary of the State’s Office (SOTS) effectively told us last minute there was an issue and gave us a matter of days to track down everything they should have had. This was after representing to the public at large that we’d made it on."

    Read More ______________________________________________________

    Dan Reale: "Joe Courtney Afraid of Debates"

    Plainfield, CT (10/3/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "Joe Courtney has backed out of the debate sponsored by the New London Day to take place on October 27th, because he was already in several debates. This has got to be the strangest reason to not debate that I've ever heard."

    "his I find strange considering that he was already invited and confirmed. However, I look forward to debating him on the 21st at Eastern Connecticut State University. Hopefully he won't back out on this one."


    Dan Reale: "GOP Pledge is a Fraud and an Insult to Our Intellegence"

    Plainfield, CT (9/27/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "I have read the GOP’s second contract on America. All the injustices it rails against describe the Bush years to a tee. Like Democrats who argue that we need to give Obama a chance to reverse that damage while ignoring that the Democrats are doing the exact same thing, the authors of this new contract on America think that we are all just as dumb as if history never happened."

    "Moreover, the key architects of this “pledge” are responsible for 2,000 page bills, government run amuck and some of the most heinously unconstitutional acts of our nation’s history. The only real opposition they’ve mounted to Democrats engaging in the same types of destructive behavior is pointless noise, grandstanding, and like their Democratic accomplices, pointing the other major party at the American people like a loaded weapon – a threat to vote for them or else."

    "Just like the first contract on America, they have no plan for actual change. They have presented nothing in terms of what happens to them in the event they back down. Most certainly, they have presented no credible reason why any of this empty rhetoric should be believed."

    "In short, you can learn more about fixing this nation’s problems from a bar of soap than the Republican Party."


    Upcomming Events

    On September 25th at Noon, Dan Reale will be attending a rally at Davis Park in Danielson, CT.

    On October 2nd at Noon, Dan Reale will be speaking at the Drain the Swamp Rally at the Capitol in Hartford.


    Dan Reale in Hebron


    Upcomming Event: Meet and Greet in Waterford

    On September 20th at 7PM, Dan Reale will be attending a candidate meet and greet at the Waterford Public Library. Republican Janet Peckinpaugh will also be attending.


    Upcomming Events

    On September 7th at 1PM, Dan Reale will be attending a meet and greet at the Hebron Senior Center. Also in attendance will be Congressman Joe Courtney and Republican Janet Peckinpaugh.

    On September 13 at 11AM, Dan Reale will field questions from the Norwich Bulletin's Editorial Board.


    Dan Reale: "We Must Restore Fiscal Responsibility"

    Plainfield, CT (8/31/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "We must restore fiscal responsibility. The path toward that, specifically, the way we accomplish that goal, is to restore the Constitution. I am the only candidate offering that and the only one committed under penalty of perjury to field legislation in support of that objective."

    "It is time to permanently end the bailouts, the financial fraud and the mass generational theft perpetuated by Democrats and Republicans. If you vote for Joe Courtney or Janet Peckinpaugh, you cannot expect to see a single person who caused the financial crisis behind bars. If you vote for these candidates, you won’t have representation supporting a true, complete and comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve. You will not see the bad debt flushed from the system so an actual recovery can occur."

    Read More


    All Connecticut Libertarian Candidates Appear on Secretary of State's Candidate List

    Plainfield, CT (8/27/10)
    Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "According to the Secretary of State’s statement of the vote, every Libertarian nominee, myself included, will appear on the general election ballot in November. We haven’t been able to field nine candidates for more than a decade, and this shows that the tide is finally turning against the major party establishment."

    "The people have finally said that they want the option of liberty, and if both major parties refuse, they will put that option back on the table themselves. As you may know, our petitions in 2008 were lost or sent to the wrong towns for validation. Statewide, the 2008 effort collected more than 20,000 signatures at a cost to the national Libertarian Party of more than $30,000. Instead of being discouraged that submitting twice the amount of signatures failed to put three candidates on the ballot (with only one making it on), the people have responded by putting nine options for liberty on the ballot."

    Read More ______________________________________________________

    Upcomming Events

    On Wednesday August 18th at 10:00 AM, there will be an important press conference at the capitol in Hartford regarding third parties, ballot status and debate inclusion.

    On August 21st at 3PM, the Libertarian Party of Connecticut will hold its annual convention at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn. Click here to RSVP and learn more. ______________________________________________________

    Dan Reale: "End Garbage Politics"

    Plainfield, CT (8/6/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "I am appalled by the national embarrassments that qualify for a primary this year. In particular, Ross Garber’s mailer proclaiming ‘Martha Dean’s say yes to drugs policy’ reeks of intellectual, moral and political insanity considering the hour we live in. Instead of explaining what he would do in office to attract voters, he’s driving voters away from every single candidate in every race by giving those who might participate the impression that this whole exercise is a circus and there’s nothing to vote for – only things to vote against."

    Read More


    The Ballot Drive Concludes

    Plainfield, CT (8/4/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "As you may know, today is the deadline for our ballot drive. Unfortunately, we won’t know whether we’ve made it or not until a few weeks from now. In order to combat some of the issues encountered during the last election, we have randomly selected signatures to follow."

    "The vast majority were submitted to town clerks, and a test batch from several different towns were submitted via registered mail to the Secretary of State’s Office. We have received delivery confirmation for those signatures, which were received on the second. The delivery confirmation number provided by the U.S. Postal Service is 70083230000136261185. I have personally collected the signatures we’re following, and swore out the statement on the back of each test page before a notary."

    "Those signatures we sent via registered mail should be delivered by the Secretary of State’s Office to Old Lyme, Waterford, Lebanon, New London, North Stonington, Norwich, Montville, East Haddam, Griswold, Willington and Groton. We will be following up with town clerks in those towns."

    "Regardless of how this process goes, you will be able to vote for me on the ballot or as a write-in candidate. Considering the Republican Party’s failure to obey the Constitution and work in support of liberty as well as the lack of candidates willing to commit to their promises under penalty of perjury, I will make certain that voters have something to vote for instead of against on Election Day."


    Plainfield, CT (7/21/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "People from other districts frequently ask what I think about other races and candidates. Normally, I’ll let them know and go about my business. But in Connecticut’s Fourth District, I think the choice is Rick Torres by a long shot."

    "Obviously we don’t agree on everything, but what stands out is that he’s the only candidate in the Fourth District who made a comprehensive attempt to address healthcare. That’s really important considering that we spend 17% of our GDP only to fall short."

    "In Congress, Rick is just as committed to repealing Obama’s healthcare legislation, which is unconstitutional and only worsens the exact types of problems that have made healthcare so in accessible and unaffordable across the board."

    "Once elected, I will need the help of people like Rick to take strong, immediate and proactive measures to repeal the constitutional abuses of the last 30 years. While his opponents have their merits and I can find a limited degree of common ground with them, we need a comprehensive scaling back of the federal government – something that hasn’t happened since 1921."

    "The time for playing politics with personal issues or trying to substitute comprehensive answers to America's problems with the political machine is over. The same is true of party politics as usual. Rick's campaign represents the end of both. Republican voters have a unique opportunity to advance their party and the well being of all Americans by embracing this timely change."


    Plainfield, CT (7/20/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "Midnight came and went. None of the Republican hopefuls accepted my offer. In the interest of fairness, it was emailed to the CT GOP 2nd district coordinator and the CT GOP chair on June 25th. It was hand delivered to everyone who's last name isn't Peckinpaugh last week, mostly because Janet is nowhere to be found."

    "Given all the complaints about spoilers and the common wisdom about the Second District having close elections, this has got to be the easiest offer to accept in the entire history of this district. And those complaints of spoilers were quite loud until this offer was placed on the table. After June 4th, those complaints were silenced definitively."

    "It's no longer a question of whether there's a Republican candidate in this race who wants to win or wants to restore the Constitution. By refusing to accept what amounted to a political godsend, and the only way to overcome the political machine set on handpicking and manipulating candidates, their answer was a definitive no. Who they will work for if they don't already work for them now is clear."

    "This election is now a choice of Mr. Courtney, Mr Deshefy or myself. The facts indicate that the Republicans aren't interested. Why Republicans would even persist in such a situation is beyond logic. It's one thing to complain about so called spoilers. It's another when the would be nominee actively avoids unifying voter and opponent alike behind the Constitution."

    "Overall, it's time for the GOP hopefuls to file their termination paperwork with the FEC unless they can provide a solid commitment appropriate to the lateness of our constitutional and fiscal hour. For now, that's what they'd need to beat Courtney - they don't have it. And it's not like they were asked to be original signatories to the Declaration of Independence."

    "And if the CT GOP thinks it can throw this election, back down and hope that I don't make another run at this in the event the job isn't done this year, that's definitely not the case. While I obviously don't support the types of things Courtney has carried on from the Republican years before 2006, they are sadly mistaken if I'm going to let another Republican get in and raise the bar on that."

    "Liberty and the Constitution are more than words. They are perspectives. They should inspire all of you to live up to their meaning. And no submission to a political party or conventional wisdom should serve to rob you of your reason or common sense. And it is the restoration of these things that provides the answers to healthcare, education and maintaining the security of our united states."

    "No political party or candidate is more qualified than you are to safegaurd your own liberty or pursuit of happiness. It is for this reason that I am here and running outside of the political machine. It is also for this reason that I need your help in doing the same." ______________________________________________________

    Plainfield, CT (7/8/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "This election will be about more than what you expect from Washington. It will be about what you expect from yourselves. And now you need to ask some important questions..."

    Read More


    Plainfield, CT (7/2/10) – Dan Reale, Libertarian Candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s Second District, made the following statement today on the campaign’s progress –

    "First, I’d like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time, money and effort in making sure that the option of liberty and the Constitution is on the table this November. We’re getting estimates and reports on where the petitioning drive stands so far. We’re halfway there, but we need to make sure we collect 4,000 signatures to be safe. Anyone who would like petition pages should send us an email with your address so we can mail them to you. Our deadline is August 4th."

    "The petition drive is a priority right now. Once we finish this task, we can move on to building our network of radio transmitters, which will allow us to compete with the major parties for fractions of pennies on the dollar."

    "The important part of this race is making sure that the job gets done. Regardless of who does that job is irrelevant, which is why I put out a conditional offer to support the first GOP candidate who would swear to completing the job under penalty of perjury..."

    Read More


    GOP Candidates Refuse to Accept Offer

    Plainfield, CT (6/20/10) – Dan Reale released a one minute statement on the GOP's refusal to commit to rolling back Obama Administration actions and prevent their occurence in the future.

    Listen Here


    CT Libertarian Party Seeks to Unseat Dozens of State Incumbents

    Wethersfield, CT (6/15/10) – The Libertarian Party of Connecticut voted unanimously to create ad hoc committees geographically based in each of the state’s five congressional districts. These committees will recruit and field candidates to challenge more than 80 unopposed incumbents.

    “Based on our information”, said Dan Reale, a candidate for Congress and Libertarian state central committee member, we’re looking at more than half of the state legislature running unopposed.”

    read more

    UPDATE 6/16/10 - The list of candidates from the Secretary of State indicates 39 unopposed races. You can view a current list of open races here


    Dan Reale: “How Backward Can It Get?”

    Plainfield, CT (6/7/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    “Every two years, the voters sincerely have to ask themselves if they were better off two years ago.”

    “Let’s start with these thousand or so page bills both major parties can’t be bothered to read. Are we better off with that? Did Joe Courtney even try to slow that down at all?”

    “Forget that. Let’s talk about earmarks, the insane idea of politicians bribing you with your own money, money that came from this district. How did Courtney do with that? Better yet, did the GOP find a candidate yet willing to end the insane practice of bribing you with your own money? Look – that’s what happens. You’re being bribed with your own money.”

    “How about healthcare? Let’s leave this new law aside for a second and talk about Medicare. Aside from successfully raiding the till and making an actuarial nightmare worse while shortchanging doctors, how’d both major parties do with that?”

    “We were warned by a guy named Perot back in 1992 about this thing called NAFTA, a huge sucking sound of jobs leaving the country. Now that we’re here and we’ve seen that prediction come true, can anyone show me a Republican hopeful or a sitting Congressman in the second district willing to field any legislation to end it?”

    “Then the Republicans got elected on a humble foreign policy based on no nation building, and in 2006, Democrats promised to end the war in Iraq, which suddenly involved leaving 50,000 ‘non-combat’ troops, whatever that could logically mean. So we know how much better off we are here establishing yet another permanent fixture we can’t afford.

    “How about that economy, which is supposed to have been booming by now? The Democrats are still propping up the stock market and the Republicans think we’re crazy enough to think they’ll stop it. And the Democrats are pointing to U3 job figures, as if the accurate way to count the unemployed is only to count those whose benefits didn’t expire. The rest of us are looking at U6 and all places considered ‘out our window and in the world around us’. How’d Joe Courtney do here?”

    “Then there’s the insane, staggeringly voluminous and sociopathic tax code, that thing most Americans can hardly understand, which only becomes more complex every year. That’s thousands of incentives, deductions, credits, exemptions and social engineering tools which have no place whatsoever in a free republic. Congress demands to know how your money works every year, and they want to be there every week to receive yet another interest free loan from the person who can least afford it – you. It’s a wretched injustice, the kind of which is not authorized anywhere in Article 1, Section 8. Before you vote, ask carefully whether Joe Courtney advanced the ball on ending this or even if the Republicans have a constitutional alternative – apportionment.”

    “And every two years, despite more of this nonsense – not less – but more of this nonsense where the government is even more involved in your personal decisions while creating and endless series of boondoggles and financial holes that would make Enron blush, you have to wonder how good Democrats and Republicans are at this. There’s a generational, institutionalized and adamant refusal to change. The best we can tell is that Democrats and Republicans do not care, and we have no reason whatsoever to change our expectations.”

    “This is all after the Department of Energy has failed to produce a single barrel of oil, the USDA has failed to harvest a single bushel of wheat, the war on drugs has made drugs cheaper while funding narco-states and the war on war itself has left us more vulnerable than ever. The parties doing this do not share a vision where you are free of unconstitutional interference, debt and half of your life spent working to pay for its random miscalculations.”

    “Quite frankly, I’m tired of this Democratic nonsense that they’re civil libertarians capable of putting a chicken in every pot. And they claim to help the poor while ruining them through inflation, government funded bubbles and oppressive taxes that kill off the jobs and raises they need to get ahead. Then it took Democrats to give George Bush far more than he’d even asked for. No unconstitutional act, wild spending spree or abuse of signing statements was off the table – all just in time for Barack Obama to make use of these newly discovered powers.”

    “And I’m just as tired of this nonsense that Republicans hold any claim to really shrinking government in any net sense, that they’re these champions of the free market that actually slash spending. Here’s this allegedly pro gun party that hasn’t repealed a single gun law. This is allegedly the family values party, the party that spent so much that both parents have to work and spend even more time away from their families. And now they want to play states’ rights as if they never had a hand in enabling a wildly intrusive federal government – along with its unfunded mandates that break towns and states alike.”

    “We can’t even get the major parties to stick to Article 1, Section 8 – they just don’t know how. Both parties are addicted to power and your wallet, and it’s time to cut them off. The more they interfere, the worse the problems get. Then, every two years, they roll out the same farcical nonsense of robocalls and attack ads while having the gall to call this political discourse. I’m not buying their excuses, and neither should you.”

    “Now I’m going to ask if you’re ready for a change – no new spending, no new taxes and no new mortgages on our economic future. Agencies need to be abolished, along with all the other spendthrift nonsense coming out of Washington. If you want that change, it’s time to vote Libertarian.”


    Plainfield, CT (6/4/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "I am putting out the following offer to the GOP hopefuls in the Second District. If the party wishes to routinely complain about "spoilers" without committing to actual change, here's their chance to earn my support."

    "The deadline on this is July 20th at Midnight. If there is a GOP candidate serious about actual change and following the Constitution, this should be plenty of time for him or her to accept the challenge. Waiting until this becomes politically convenient will not be an option."


    Plainfield, CT (5/20/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "Throughout the last five months, it’s taken very little effort to demonstrate that the Republican Party isn’t serious about real reform – be it in healthcare, foreign policy, government transparency or practically anything it touches. Given that this party gave us Scott Brown, who is betraying his tea party support on unimaginable levels, and the party’s arrogance by introducing Janet Peckinpaugh into the race at the last minute, the problem goes much deeper. It is the same problem that the Democratic Party has, which it has made evident by excluding Merrick Alpert from the process outright."

    "Let’s be clear. The major parties think they own your vote. They assume all power over your life, your property and the decisions you make by using the force of government, which they’ve usurped by fraud. In power, they have routinely stepped outside the role of humble public service and into the role of rent seeking middlemen. They attempt to con each and every one of us into participating in the illusion of free parties, and the goal of doing this is to protect themselves from the threat that voters would use their own power to take their own government back. And both parties lie about and twist the Constitution’s plain language in the name of good to commit a great evil."

    "As your representative and by far the most staunch defender of the Constitution in this race, I intend to do more than just renew the trend of citizen legislators who actually return to the private sector after a few terms. I intend to strike at the root of the problem, the primary means of control that both major parties and their paymasters have utilized to commit the most heinous acts of generational theft. I intend to abolish all direct federal taxation of earnings, and I intend to nationalize the only thing we should nationalize – the power to create money and regulate the value thereof. My major party opponents will shrink from the obligation to do so out of fear, political calculations or lack of knowledge."

    Read More


    Plainfield, CT (5/7/10) – During his second appearance on the Lee Elci Show, Dan Reale challenged Janet Peckinpaugh to a debate on the issues.

    "The GOP establishment thinks it can pull a fast one on the voters of the second district", said Reale, "but it's not going to happen on my watch."

    When asked about who should be included in the debate, Reale said, "All the candidates - they've done yeoman's work from day one, made the rounds and attended the forums. They deserve the chance to set themselves apart before political insiders grease the skids at the convention. I'd like to see Courtney there, too."

    "The financial turmoil we face as a nation was caused by two major parties that created cults of personality and running them for office.", said Reale. "I know exactly what the Republicans plan to do. Canned statements, cookie cutter positions and soundbytes won't fix anything. This debate will expose such practices for what they are."

    "It's one thing if Peckinpaugh dodges most of the campaign season and at least shows up to make her case. But dodging this outright will only prove that she thinks there's no obligation to show up or present an argument for her candidacy. That'll backfire in November when she and the Republicans figure out that the voters are tired of three card monte."


    Plainfield, CT (5/5/10) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

    "I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Janet Peckinpaugh into the race, where myself and three others were working hard to present solutions and make our case from day one. Peckinpaugh’s 11th hour acceptance into the race and subsequent nomination will show the voters what the GOP is really all about – winning for its own sake at the cost of an actual platform."

    Read More _______________________________________________________

    Upcomming Events -

    4/14/10 - Dan Reale will be attending a candidate meet and greet at Eastern Connecticut State University. Please take this opportunity to hear the message of liberty and the Constitution, ask your questions, volunteer and sign the petition for ballot access.

    4/15/10 at 9:30 AM - Tune your radios to 104.7 FM. Dan Reale takes the message of limited government, and more importantly, the actual prospect of lower taxes to the Lee Elci show.


    Plainfield, CT (4/3/10) - Today, Dan Reale made the following statement regarding the Republican Party's performance over the last few decades -

    "A lot of Democrats in Congress are concerned about their jobs as if a Republican takeover in November is going to change anything they’ve done. I want those Democrats to rest easy. The Republicans won’t change a thing. It’s time we had a frank assessment of the situation."

    "If anyone in the GOP is serious about repealing legislation passed by the Democrats, the GOP will do everything in its power to make sure they never win a convention or a primary."

    Read More

    (3/28/10) In an opinion piece published by The Day, Dan Reale summarized major causes of the nation's economic collapse while outlining critical solutions to improve our fiscal position, revitalize the economy, relieve the tax burden on the poor and remove the special interests in Washington, DC.

    Read More


    Plainfield, CT (3/22/10) - Today, Dan Reale made the following statement regarding passage of the healthcare bill last night -

    "Last year, I proposed a reasonable healthcare reform proposal that actually addressed the real problems, namely price discovery, lack of choice and subsidies for failure. I have likewise signed a sworn statement under penalty of perjury that I will field legislation to repeal the racketeering scheme Congress passed last night. I did that months ago knowing full well that the Democrats didn’t care, the GOP would not put up a real fight and that the GOP wouldn’t do the job."

    Read More


    Plainfield, CT (3/13/10) - Today, Dan Reale made the following statement regarding a Norwich Bulletin article asserting that he had not filed paperwork with the FEC -

    "The ID number is H8CT02085. The principal campaign committee number is C00443903. These were generated based on a statement of organization that has not been terminated since 1/23/08. The FEC has advised us that an official form was not required if no activity occured over the amount of $5,000 in a given quarter. Despite informing the FEC of our activity anyhow, they have failed to record any donations of any kind. And our statement of organization and statement of candidacy should be available to the public, yet it is not."

    "Let me make something very clear. If another newspaper prints an article saying we haven't filed, we're going to court. If another FEC employee fails to record or make available documents we spent time not on the campaign trail or advancing the cause of liberty to create and send, someone is getting fired and prosecuted."

    "Any and all questions from media or the FCC can be directed toward immediate corrective action, action that may include dusting off one's resume."

    The public can view documents sent via registered mail to the FEC here. _______________________________________________________

    Due to increasing emails, calls and comments to the effect of spoiled votes, ect., but in tandem with overwhelming support for Dan Reale's message and requests that he run as a Republican, visitors to this site are encouraged to read the primer on two party excuses

    This document is designed to address these basic, yet common concerns. If there is a concern on this subject we haven't addressed or you would like us to elaborate on, please email us at campaignevents@realedealforcongress.com.

    Thank you for your time and all that you do for liberty.

    The Staff


    Plainfield, CT (2/25/10 - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released a statement today concerning Joe Courtney's use of taxpayer money to misrepresent fiscal recklessness as restraint.

    "Too often, incumbents and candidates alike avoid math, physics and the truth among other things important to reality. This has to stop. The only way to make sure this happens is to call a fantasy world for what it is."

    Read More


    Plainfield, CT (2/23/10) - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale recently weighed in on the FCC's rampant abuse of power concerning AM and FM microbroadcasters.

    Reale asserted that "The 90.1 FM micro station out of Austin provides important education vital to the public interest. It is rare, comprehensive, and an educational service so vital that it is picked up and rebroadcast on micro AM and FM stations throughout the United States."

    "With your letters and support of microbroadcasters everywhere, we can gaurantee that Americans will have alternative choices in the media they consume. Freedom of speech is a right, one that both major parties need to defend right now - before running for office, while running for office, and while in office. Liberty is not a spectator sport."


    Plainfield, CT (2/22/10) - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today -

    "I have been concerned that our problems are rooted in the fact that we usually rally around a call to action to oppose things. Our solution lies in something to rally for. That said, I am pleased to announce a new vision for America.

    "Rooted in the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and liberty, I will take this vision to Washington so that finally we may be heard. It is my hope that everyone may circulate this far and wide, consider its merits and revisit the fight for liberty and the Constitution with a cause - something to hope for, not against; something we can all fight for and achieve." _______________________________________________________

    Plainfield, CT (2/4/10) - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released a statement concerning bipartisan data manipulation. "The message is clear.", he says. "The games both parties are playing with the economy have to stop. If no other candidate in this race will do the job and call this for what it is, the task falls on us. We need an accurate assessment of a problem to solve it." _______________________________________________________

    Plainfield, CT (2/1/10) - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released a statement welcoming Rob Simmons into the race against Joe Courtney. _______________________________________________________

    Plainfield, CT (1/28/10) - Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today -

    "I always make a point of watching the state of the union address and the response. Unfortunately, it becomes more painful every year. That's not because politicians only get better at spinning poor results as positive improvement. It is painful because of the answers already before them that they want no part of. And with each passing year, establishment Democrat and Republican alike have continued on this path no matter what the cost, be it in terms of unemployment, declining wages, spiraling healthcare costs, even in light of political and credibility costs that force a weary public to change the channel every time they speak."

    Read More


    (1/14/10) � Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today �

    �Our campaign has sources working within the Republican Party to restore it to constitutionally oriented roots. They have come to us in a last ditch effort to make the party follow its own rules in hopes of making sure that only principled, free market and constitutionally minded public servants make the changes required to save our republic. We will be coming forward with names and specifics at the discretion of our sources.�

    Read More


    (1/12/10) Dan Reale at Candidate Meet and Greet: Both Parties Had 40 Years to Get the Constitution

    The complete video can be viewed here

    Interview After the Forum


    (1/6/10) Reale Blasts �Insane� Approach of Joe Courtney
    Reale Asks Whether He�s a Congressman or a Salesman Funded by Treasury

    Plainfield, CT (1/6/10) � Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale issued the following statement today �

    �I am once again surprised at the level of absurdity exhibited by Congressman Joe Courtney � in its scope, its ignorance and the fact that it was brazenly exhibited in a newsletter from his office yesterday.�
    Read More


    (12/27/09) Dan Reale: The Failed Simmons Approach on Terrorism [Source: New London Day]

    Former congressman Rob Simmons' recent commentary, "United States needs a third option for terrorist trials," published Dec. 9, demands a measured response and a stern reminder. It ignores decisions that led to danger in the first place.

    Attorney and former congressman Bob Barr disagrees. He signed on to a statement saying that our courts "are the proper forum for terrorism cases" and that federal prisons are "fully capable of safely holding" terrorists.

    Read the Full Piece Here


    (January 2010) We�re pleased to announce that Dan will resume his regular tour of the district after the holidays. He will be appearing at Pomfret Community School on January 12th, 2010 at 7-9PM and participating in a candidate forum along with other challenger(s) to Rep. Joe Courtney. A snow date is scheduled for the 26th.


    (12/23/09) The website has been relaunched! Please take a moment to check out the new materials, updated information and take advantage of your free ebook by signing up at the home page.


    (7/4/09) Dan Reale, Libertarians, Greens, Republicans organize Tea Party at Capitol

    Download the press release


    Update (9/5/08) " Proof that the two party presidential candidates missed the deadline in Texas.


    Breaking (8/27/08) : Democrats and Republicans miss deadline to file presidential candidates in Texas. Bob Barr was the only candidate on the presidential ballot, but that was fixed after the deadline on 8/30/08. The deadline was 8/26/08.

    �Awesome�, said Dan Reale. �I think it�s hilarious that they�ve been suing us for running all over creation to collect an insane amount of signatures to get on the ballot, and they can�t even meet the deadlines they themselves have written into law.

    When asked what the law says, Reale immediately stated that, �It�s very clear. In Texas, you need to register your presidential and vice presidential candidates not later than 70 days before the election. You may have noticed that we�re on day 68 right now. Last I checked, 68 is less than 70.�


    Breaking (8/27/08) : Ballot access and upcomming events


    Dan Reale and Libertarian Party in The Pheonix Newspaper


    ******For Immediate Release******

    Dan Reale supports Republican Sean Sullivan's call for 12 debates, not five.

    "Our sources tell us that the Courtney campaign is willing to include third party candidates in five debates." said Reale. "That's good, but five debates don't provide an adequate amount of time to get into things like Medicare and Social Security and the Federal Reserve, which is the primary cause for high oil prices."

    The debates will be held in Plainfield, Old Lyme, Norwich, Enfield and New London. Reale is optimistic about the opportunity these forums will provide. "While I was looking for more, I think that reintroducing the ideas of liberty and the Constitution will lead to similar opportunities in the future."


    Upcomming events: (8/21/08) Dan Reale will be speaking at the Otis Library in Norwich about freedom of religion at 6:30 PM.


    (9/13/08 - Tentative) Dan Reale and the Libertarian Party will be at the I AM Musical Festival in New London between noon and 11 PM.


    According to the Washington Post, McCain versus Obama on tax policy - McBama tax policy


    Dan Reale on the Rule of Law (part 1) 7/17/08
    Dan Reale on the Rule of Law (part 2) 7/17/08


    Dan Reale on John McGowan Presents (7/13/08)


    **************For Immediate Release************ 6/11/08 For questions, more information, contact Dan Reale at

    Reale Deal for Congress official statement on passage of FISA legislation and telecom retroactive immunity

    I have always taken a unilateral stand in the strictest interpretation of the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, that stand is not shared universally. It has come as no suprise that Congress' approval rating is now 9%, an unprecedented low. Many are outraged with the blatant disregard for the Constitution by the 110th Congress for their failures to uphold the rule of law, which include the following �

    -Refusal to cut off war funding
    -Refusal to impeach for blatant violations of the Constitution
    -Refusal to stop the Federal Reserve from destroying the value of the dollar, ergo, raising oil prices in dollars
    -Refusal to kill H.J.Con. 362, which initiates an act of war against Iran without exhausting diplomatic means
    -Refusal to terminate economically devastating arrangements like CAFTA, NAFTA and GATT
    -Refusal to repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act
    -Refusal of our right to petition for redress of grievance when it comes to warrantless spying

    Telecom immunity not only violates the fourth amendment. It violates the first amendment when it comes to our right to judicial recourse for government injury. It also violates Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of the US Constitution, which reads-

    "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."

    That is to say nothing can be made illegal or legal after the fact by an act of Congress, period. No law be interpreted or used in this manner. That�s the end of the story.

    Go ahead and proceed with the lawsuits. If you can prove standing and a federal judge uses this FISA immunity statute to throw your case out, I will move to impeach that judge for perjuring his or her oath of office.

    Let�s face it. No sound argument can be made on legal or national security arguments. If such an argument could be made, no fishing expedition or police state would be necessary.



    Position Statement - Common Voter Justifications for Voting Republican or Democrat


    Opposition to Position Statement on HR 1955, the thought crimes bill (5/24/08)


    Position Statement on HR 1955, the thought crimes bill (5/24/08)


    Libertarian Presidential Debate on Fox Business (5/17/08)


    Interview with the Freedom Files (4/17/08)


    Dan Reale: Straight Talk on the Issues (4/03/08)


    Dan Reale Responds to the 2008 State of Union Address (2/1/07)


    Dan Reale on America in Danger (1/14/08)


    Dan Reale in The Norwich Bulletin (1/12/08)