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Daniel Reale

District 2 Libertarian Candidate for Congress


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Daniel Reale: Libertarian Candidate For Congress

Dan Reale is a writer, editor and former talk show host on Revolution Broadcasting. He also has experience as an electronics and a hearing aid technician. He lives in Plainfield, CT. He has a wife, Katherine, and a son, Joseph.

He has written for Liberalati, Spate, AutoPilot, Urban Mainstream, American Gun Culture Report, Ijamr Magazine, 944, UGO Music and World Politik. His ghost writing projects focused on entertainment, medicine, technology, real estate, advertising and other fields.

Dan used to be a Democrat. He even voted for Joe Courtney in 2006 in hopes of removing a Congressman who spends recklessly, doesn’t read the bills he votes for and violates the Constitution on a regular basis. His disappointment from arriving at the same result convinced him to run in 2008 and again in the 2010 cycle. He opposes the Democrats now for the exact, same reason he opposed the Republicans during the Bush years.

Dan doesn’t believe you should have to work harder just to have the same or even less every year. He also doesn’t believe in working to pay for government half of the time. He wants you to keep what you earn and the government to do its own paperwork.

Dan is committed to serve only three terms. “Most people who don’t go home after that”, he says, “end up like Joe Courtney and Rob Simmons. All they ever do is work for government. Their proudest accomplishments are constitutional violations and running the lives of others. Simply going home is a revolutionary act.”

Dan would rather be working more, spending time with his friends and family, brewing his own beer, writing a novel or at the gun range than living in Washington, DC, for half of the year. However, the Constitution needs to be restored.

According to Dan, “The Constitution isn’t going to restore itself. I’ve been waiting a very long time for Democrats and Republicans to do it, and there’s clearly no way anyone could see them doing it at this point.” He asks “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”


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