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I made this page to let out my frustration out. I made this page to show, if all who cared, how I felt about the world as I saw it. I made this made this page for myself.

The rants of a Witch can be very powerful things indeed. Being a Witch allows you to experience most, if not all, venues of life. The more we see of life, the more we have to bitch about. I feel it is very necessary to bitch. We need to express ourselves one time or another. We need to get our opinions out. Who ever said, "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they usually stink" had a point. Many people say a lot, with nothing really to say. They speak up to get attention. I do not need attention. I need a perfect world.

 My rants are not all "Pagan." They are not all about how the "Xtains" torment Witches. These are problems, which I feel they are, looked at by Pagan eyes. Again, as a Pagan, I am told to search out many venues. I am no experienced master of life. I have been around the block a few times.

This web page is a storehouse of my thoughts and views. You may look at it all you like. I will not be giving out my e-mail due to I do not care what you think about what I write, or me for that matter. For all of you that feel like you have something good to say, you can leave it on my Message Board.

Now let the fun begin…

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