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Tim Skold is GOD

::T I M S K O L D::
(born Thim Sköld 12/14/66)

I just can't get over how amazing Tim's voice is. I went to the first MDFMK show at the Glass House in Pomona, CA on 05/31/2000. It was great. After the show was over (or so we thought), they came back to do "Anarchy". *purrs* Man... I'm getting chills just thinking about it..

Anywho after the show was really over, Sascha, Tim and Lucia came outside to sign autographs and whatnot. I got Tim and Sascha's autographs on an empty pack of Camel Wide cigarettes. And I asked Sascha for a hug, and he was awesome enough to give me one! :)

That night some Pomona gutterpunk almost got the crap beat out of him by the Glass House security. (The Punk just wasn't smart enough not to mess with the security guard who was like 7 ft tall and built like the Amazing Hulk)... ah, Goodtimes.

I joined a MDFMK club on yahoo and I met a really cool guy from the club. It turns out that he was at the same show I was (what a small world). *Chris, Ya know you rock!*

Latest Tim news: Tim is now in Marilyn Manson. He has replaced Twiggy Ramirez as Bassist. Go to
to get the latest Skold-Manson news...

I will be adding new pics to the site (at some point) and a link to all things SKOLD. If you have any pics or links you'd like me to add, Email:

Hey people just so you know, if you sign the TSIG guestbook and try to throw some lame insult my way, be sure to spell correctly or your entry may end up here on the front of TSIG. Just like this...

***** Date: 07/22/2003 Guest: 15 (Reference ID: 619642) Name: miranda Email Address: Age: 18 Gender: Female Location: ontario Homepage: None Referred By: Search Engine Favorite SKOLD song?: heh they all rock Favorite KMFDM song?: yip all good Favorite MDFMK song?: heh.. all good Favorite SHOTGUN MESSIAH song?: hate that band Comments: well id just like to say your site doesnt tell me shit all about the amazing skold. your an imbarassment *****

Sorry dear, get a dictionary and learn English or don't waste your time leaving rude and illiterate messages at someone's fansite. Thank you and have a nice day. - Abby


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