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Computers, Technology, and the Internet
Thursday, 8 November 2007
Website Design Tips

Graphic and Photo Effects

You might have notices some cool sites and wondered "how did they do that?". Most "wow" sites use various graphic and photo effects. What you need to become an expert at is, how to use these effects in the correct amount and not over do it. Read our immensely popular Graphic Design Ideas article to learn how to use these effects, and more.

Site Interactivity

Macromedia Flash is very useful to add interactivity to your site. 95% of the world's browsers have the Flash Player plug-in, so you don't have to think about compatibility as long as your movie can be played by lower versions of the Flash Player. Try having a HTML and Flash Sections "Entry (Splash) Page" if you have a heavy movie to accommodate users on slow connections.

Interactive Applications: To make your web site more sticky you can add a few simple interactive applications like site polls, surveys, a guest book, an event calendar, newsletter sign-up, etc. There are many applications on the net but you need to choose them carefully if you do a lot of online business. You can check out our some of our Flash and ASP/PHP products, that will bring your site to life:

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