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Monday, 2 July 2007
Microsoft XBox360

The game console of Xbox 360 of Microsoft just took an enormous measure far from profitability yesterday when the company announced that it will take a load $1 billion with the manufacturing defects of cover and the additional burden to give to consumers a prolonged guarantee. Will Xbox never turn a benefit?

Microsoft very used with the problems of repair retrospectively, but seems to him that repairs of material are much more expensive than the updates eliminating from software for the software of buggy. In particular, of “the error message three twinkling lights of dead” caused with gamers per significant quantity of headache, with some having to return their consoles to Microsoft for repair several times. Microsoft now claims to have identified “a certain number of factors” which contribute to the consoles the unreliability, although they refused to present its observations on what were these factors.

I guess that billion is the cost to precipitate a game console out of the door without suitable test of implementation of reliability. The market of game console changed considerably since Microsoft wrote with Xbox. Instead of dividing the market with Sony, the two companies are hammered by infinitely more recreation (and highly reliable) Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Wii proves which not only can seize you large leaves market quickly, can make you the thus making money.

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