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Makes You Wonder...
Welcome to the What Other People Wonder page. This is the page where I post some statements my guests ponder about on different things in the books. Do you wonder about something in the stories also? Send them to I'll be more than happy to post all the things you wonder about here!

What makes my guests wonder:

I have another idea about Lily's wand Bing good 4 charm work.In BK.IV ,Voldemort says that Harry's mother had given him 'a protection I admit I had not foreseen'. Could this have been a charm that most wands would B unable 2 perform?I have read somewhere that the fact that Lily's wand is good for charm work will be important. Is this why? -Anna

Kyle's rumor that 'Harry is the heir of Gryffindor' may be correct because of the two things he pointed out to me: First of all, when Harry received his wand it shot red and gold sparks...the color of the Gryffindors. Also, he pulled Godric Gryffindor's sword out of the sorting hat. How else could he have done that?

Okay, Hitler hated Jews but his mother was a Jew. Voldemort hates Muggles but his father was a Muggle, strange similarity don't you think? -Murffy

I think I know what Trewlawney's first real prediction was. It might've very simply been that Gryffindor's heir would defeat Slytherin's heir. That would mean that James and Harry had Godric Gryffindor's blood, meaning they were heirs, and Voldemort we already know is the heir of Slytherin. So what if Voldie wanted to make sure that there was no chance of them killing him? He would've tried to kill them, naturally. Also, he told Lily to get out of the way so he could kill Harry, not worrying about her being dead or alive, right?-Lisa

i wonder if herimoine will go out with krum or dump him and go out with ron. I am wondering this because in the 4th book ron was jealous of herimoine because she went to the yule ball with krum, and herimoine was mad when ron said that he liked Fluer-Deirdre

You know how in the 3rd book it listed the nicknames for James, Sirius, Lupin , and Peter all had nick names? Like James was Prongs which stood for I'm not sure yet but I know it had some thing to do with what he changed into, Sirius was Padfoot cause he turned into a dog, Lupin was Moony cause he is a Werewolf, and Peter was wormtail cause he is a rat (literally) Well they also said in the pup when Ron, Harry and Hermione were hiding that James, Lupin and Sirius all were very close like brothers and Peter was small and week and was more of a follower. Well I think it is exactly like Harry Ron and Hermione. They are all very close best friends and Ron and Harry are certainly like Brothers and then Neville is the follower so I think that Neville might go over to the dark side and hand Ron Harry and Hermione over to You Know Who just like Peter did to Lily and James oh and that is why I have a felling that instead of Ron and Hermione it might be Harry and Hermione instead or i am very sad about this I think they will like fall in love and marry or something like that.- Lily